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  1. I would hazard a bet that a lot of managers who go to the east when out of a job have agreements to waive compensation if a good European job comes in.
  2. Same in the away match, they looked a great footballing team who just lacked the quality to make it count.
  3. Why would Hughton go to Watford? Absolute basket case of a club when it comes to treating managers. He is far too experienced of a manager to need to take that chance. Don't believe it for a minute.
  4. Eddie Nketiah is cracking open a beer right now knowing we haven’t actually reached 100 pages.
  5. If he is sacked, couldn’t see him going straight into a new job.
  6. Heart says Brentford. However, Fulham have probably the best squad in the league and could be a serious force next year under the right management.
  7. Really think Watford could struggle, players like Doucouré and Pereyra must be on a bit of a wedge. I can’t see them being keen to play Championship football.
  8. As funny as it would be for Villa to come down, they always seem to beat us at Villa Park and will probably be far better than the other two. Watford will struggle to offload their big earners, some of which would like have no interest in Championship football. Bournemouth could keep their squad together, but if Wilson and King leave think they are a fairly average Championship team low on confidence.
  9. What would be wrong with students on year placements? I see plenty of unpaid internships still being bandied around!
  10. Nobody is expecting content akin to that of Sky Sports, just the coverage to offer some actual insightful content and not something that wouldn’t be out of place on CBeebies. When there are 6-7 games a month, £10 a game adds up as well. £460 over a year can be a fair amount to some households, who pay it out of their love to city.
  11. You will have people out of work or recently graduated Media students who would snap your arm off for a 6 month internship for BCFC in the current climate, for a low price or even for free. I would imagine they would cherish the opportunity to create some top quality content for a platform such as RobinsTV that they could use in a portfolio when looking for work in post-COVID times. It would certainly be far better than the crap that is churned out now which has me tuning in two minutes before kickoff.
  12. I thought the Robins TV coverage was pretty insulting to be honest if you are over the age of 10. Why can’t they have some guests on who can actually do some analysis for the game, rather than providing something so unwatchable for the average viewer like “higher or lower”? It’s a bit insulting to those who do watch football on Sky or BT to have this unwatchable content on their own team’s stream. The content doesn’t even have to be done live for COVID reasons. They could easily show 5 minute snippets of analysis that has been pre-recorded by someone. There are many knowledgea
  13. This was probably covered in a previous post @Shtanley but I am all for the episode after each match rather than 1 per week. I found it hard to remember the midweek match sometimes/wasn’t as fussed to looking back at it after another match had been. Some of the sad lowlifes on this thread really need to get outside more now that restrictions have eased, becoming slightly more boring coming on here.
  14. I'm not arguing that they weren't already ready, I agree with you that in these cases LJ should have put his trust in them and played them. Both Morrell and Walsh were mismanaged, especially when you consider how Brownhill and Pack looked absolutely flogged at times last season. However, it at least gave them a chance to play. If the new manager comes in and decides he can use HNM, then do that. But let's not forget that bar a handful of games this season he has not quite looked up to it yet. Obviously a lot of that could be down to LJ and his coaching, we will soon find out really what
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