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  1. Is he not his agent too?
  2. Would love to know the % of Swiss that call in sick tomorrow!
  3. The game aside. Thought Emma Hayes was a good commentary, far more insightful and knowledgeable than some of the other dross we seem to get. Hope they have her on more as the tournament progresses.
  4. Do you think we got him on the famous OTIB “pay as you play deal”?
  5. Would some of them not be clearances?
  6. In 2031 when a 36 year old Zac Clough takes a Player/Manager position at Brackley Town Fc are we still going to get a thread saying “how the mighty have fallen/I wonder what his Dad thinks?”
  7. Ian Wright summed it up pretty well. Jadon Sancho 16 goals and 20 assists and doesn’t get off the bench in a goalless draw…
  8. 200k, Player of the Year for a L1 side, lower wages and International. Pretty low risk for Luton as they will probably just recoup that if not more now
  9. You’re right, Priti Patel should load them all up into a van and deport these freeloaders!
  10. I’m liking the fact that the club seem to finally being pragmatic with their money. Especially after loaning two players in two years on very high wages who then missed almost their entire respective seasons with injury. The club have stuck by Weimann through his injury and are offering him a new deal. But if he thinks he can do better elsewhere and we think we can get a better investment elsewhere for the money he is demanding, then I am completely at peace with that.
  11. Bet Barton is gutted he took the Rovers job now
  12. How much was MA paid? I’ll do it for 1/10th
  13. I forgot about Kelly!! Ayling Flint Webster Kelly Brownhill Pack Smith Bryan Reid Kodjia
  14. Ayling Flint Webster Bryan Brownhill Pack Smith Kodjia Reid Freeman
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