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  1. Both teams really showing why they are towards the bottom of the table
  2. This is the sort of performance I was expecting from a NP team when he was appointed, I hope this carries on.
  3. Been massively impressed by Pring today and the way he has got stuck in. Really looks far more of a NP left back than JD and I think he could be our starting LB for a good while now.
  4. Great composure by Semenyo to get a head up and put it on a plate for Weimann. Certainly something he has improved on from last season where he was physically very impressive but often lacked that cutting edge in the final third.
  5. The difference is that we would have lost that match last season. We were second best for all of today and came out with a win. Even a draw would’ve been a great result.
  6. You can’t assault someone for kicking the ball away. Yellow for the Swansea player and a red for Lansbury imo
  7. I don’t think those people are complaining, they are just saying that is the next part to add to his game. Delighted to see him playing so well, it’s been very up and down for him since he has signed and now he is showing great consistency and is a key part of the way we play. A warrior and workhorse through and through, you can see why Pearson likes him.
  8. Corrected, hard to see from the small highlights video. He will have learnt his lesson from this Pring.
  9. I can’t see why Tanner is blamed there, he didn’t stop the cross but the guy crossed it to Pring with nobody around him and Pring has headed it back across goal…
  10. Is a bear a catholic? Does a pope s### in the woods? These threads are getting all too predictable.
  11. Yeah but you can’t break an omelette without making a few eggs
  12. Yesterday I went to see my hometown Bath City vs top of the league (and fully professional as far as I am aware) Dartford FC. Dartford were pretty convincing and won 3-1. Marlee Francois, playing as right wing back in a back 5, showed some glimpses in the final third of the match when the Romans were chasing. Looked as if he would benefit from playing a bit further forward with more creative licence. Josh Owers was pretty anonymous against a Dartford team who were streets ahead of Bath in reality. He only joined on the day of the match too so perhaps not the best game to judge him on.
  13. I just looked and the average L2 salary is around 1k per week, so I think DA is laughing at the fact that the player in question is demanding 5x that when they haven’t set it alight at that level, even if he thinks he might be able to do a job for them. For comparison, Zac Vyner is reportedly on £2.3k per week and has a full season of championship football under his belt…
  14. Could we see Cundy out on loan again? Now 5 that can play at centre half and 3 at right full back.
  15. Do you agree that those negatives are traits that can be developed upon whereas those positives cannot really be to the same extent?
  16. He’s quickly becoming a class player and is no longer being targeted and bullied physically like clubs did after the stellar first few performances. Next step is to add a few attacking contributions to his game.
  17. Agreed MM. By the same token, one poor sub appearance last week after returning from surgery doesn’t make him “not up to it at this level”. Positive performance and I am sure he will grow as the season goes. Seems that Pearson likes him and trusts him to give him the chance to impress again off the bench, and boy did he reward him. I am really excited to see his development under Nigel Pearson.
  18. Some humble pie to be eaten here. Cracking cross, although last week apparently he didn’t have the technique for it?
  19. Think it will be a loan with a view to permanent rather than to develop into the first team.
  20. This Ricky Foster we have just signed looks pacey, I think he will slot in well next to Fontaine and Nyatanga
  21. There must be a lot of decent free agents knocking about given who was released at the end of the season.
  22. I remember playing the first Fifa Street as a child and one of the songs I remember most distinctly from the soundtrack was Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall, the main line of the chorus was "Pull up your socks and stand up tall". Does this mean if they release another Fifa Street this will be recommissioned as "Pull down your socks and don't stand up at all"?
  23. Sometimes these things happen. How diligent would our scouting team have been to know that his partner was going to have a baby while he was under contract with us, and that would contribute to him potentially being homesick? Does it make up part of their scouting report?
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