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  1. Thanks mate I was asking for that. Seriously though the gulf quality is massive. Hard to attract the next generation to AG when you've got that on tele every night
  2. Been a while since I've watched any prem football and some players are are just soooo far ahead of almost everything you see in the championship Rudiger, Rice, Salah, Silva are just elite.
  3. Got rinsed for this in the summer.
  4. Boring team to watch, not worth paying for imo.
  5. 0-0 Probably where my football depression started .... and hasn't finished. Happy weekend.
  6. Because its a pain in the ass to process. You're not looking at the whole pie jennie
  7. Don Goodman shags Royal Doulton and Wedgewood porcelain
  8. He's absolutely desperate for us to lose this match.
  9. Think Don Goodnan is going to cry the ******* bellend
  10. I've booked my holiday for next season by not renewing my season ticket.
  11. Think Jon Lansdowns lost interest. The novelty of running a football club has probably worn off now he's realised it's hard work. But to be fair if I was the heir to a billion pound fortune I'd not be dragging along with bristol city like a dog with an itchy bum hole.
  12. Nice write up albeit a depressing read. This is the most unlikeable collection of wastemen to pull on the the red shirt for quite some time. There's not a single player in the squad I'd care if they never played for city again.
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