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  1. Having something to lean onto whilst standing is actually really nice. I've watched a couple of NFL games at White Hart Lane where they have this. Also stops people falling into the rows in front when we score (I know that is rare) it's dangerous standing up with a seat ready to take your shin clean off right in front. I think the fans on S82 will like it, I know I am looking forward to it.
  2. The East End Drummer & The mystery of the missing drumsticks. **** t-shirt, that's got Netflix True Crime Original written all over it
  3. ******* hell mate have a day off try and enjoy it
  4. That sick feeling you get when you realise Callum O Dowda is still employed by the club. Kits pretty dull but I don't wear them anyway, might buy a small one for my boy.
  5. Some players attach themselves to numbers as part of their "brand"/superstition/schoolboy number etc. Some players genuinely don't care. When I played (albeit MUCH lower level) there where genuine punch ups over numbers and money exchanged in certain instances. I'd normally take what was left in the bag - I remember playing a Hampshire cup game at CF with the number 2 shirt because the RB wanted 10 and was the hardest bloke in the team. Upset the ref and the opposition a bit.
  6. Enjoy it!! Don't see it quite that straightforward but certainly confident. Let's hope for some success we deserve it.
  7. Had a beer tonight Scotty?
  8. ShOuLd hAvE pIcKeD bAmFoRd
  9. The reality is, Southgate's England are unbeaten in 4, in the QF, without conceding a single goal. SWE V UKE then (potentially) DEN V CZH If you can't get behind that then I'm not sure what more you want. Come on England, come on Gareth some of us are well behind you and the boys
  10. Alright but don't quote me unless you got one ready, slows it down
  11. You quoted me, and slagged me off even though I defended the performance despite the criticism, odd.
  12. Absolutely spot on by Southgate tonight. Some apologies need dishing out.
  13. Thought we played pretty well. Germany look pretty shit and we had a few decent chances. Overeactions all over the gaff.
  14. Nah you've nevr get the whole ground standing, all the old moaners would be bellyaching about their view and getting wet
  15. You'd never get scenes like this in England, incredible atmosphere.
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