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  1. One of my favorite city players of all time. I won't hear any slander otherwise. He said NO Please not the gas my heart couldn't take it
  2. People were kicking ten bells of shit out of each other at football in the 70s and 80s before coke was a big thing. (I'm sure it existed but I doubt it was rampant amongst the working classes) The problem IMO is booze, always has been, always will be.
  3. Let me talk you through what a day on coke at the football looks like. This is what happens. Lads have a few pints to whet the whistle, normal stuff like everyone does. You a bit tipsy/lively. You get a bag in. Costs about 50/60 quid or 3 for a 100 (you may have seen memes about this on-line) The coke "sobers" you up. You feel normal, excited, feeling good. Super chatty, really enjoy your company. "CITY TIL I DIE!!" "**** THE GAS" all that shit, its fun. You continue to pour more booze into yourself because you don't get "drunk" (you ARE drunk but are able to stand up straight and hold a conversation without slurring, a bouncer will let you in places for example) So by this point you've had ten pints but to the outside world you look like you've had about three, but in your head you are proper mashed. You may feel OK but things like decision making, paranoia, excitement increase ten fold. Something might happen, you might get aggro or overreact and then there's a problem. You don't think about any consequences to your behaviour. Fight might start, you are rude to people, obnoxious "Lads Lads Lads" etc. Coke is a stimulant, but pouring a shit load of cider on top it makes actions and behaviour much more unpredictable. This is how you create a bellend. And if you went out in town tonight you'd see hundreds of them, they are everywhere.
  4. Thank you. You can drink way over your normal limit when on coke, but its the effects of the booze, not the gear that makes people act like *****.
  5. Cocaine use is a scapegoat for the real offender which is Alcohol abuse but nobody wants to talk about that.
  6. It's amazing how many players continue to persist with that shitty penalty technique.
  7. Can't see how that doesn't lead to prison time. Completely unprovoked snide attack from the blindside that could have caused a very serious injury. Once the booze and coke have worn off reality is going to kick in.
  8. We see it often enough at AG
  9. That Johnson kid seems like a right bell end. Glad to see smoke and pyro back on trend though.
  10. Reviews from Oxford United fans are not pretty
  11. COD was proper rubbish and was paid too much money to contribute very little. Mark Ashton will probably give him a massive contract. A good day for the club.
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