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  1. Maybe. They're all kids, under 5'9 and I don't really see Palmer as CM. We also don't play a technical passing game either. All this talk of no money and releasing a player, who if nothing else is a highly capable and combatative player of championship quality, seems odd.
  2. CM looks an incredibly weak position for us. Lot of pressure for young players to step up, in what is an incredibly difficult position to excel in this league. They all look really small and lightweight.
  3. I actually hate we may have a manager people are already calling "deano"
  4. This is why we don't have nice things,people just accept turd.
  5. You have to start somewhere to be fair and this seems like a solid compromise. We really need this to future proof our leagues and stop this pay to win mentality.
  6. Interesting use of phrase, sacked. Cant see holden surviving if this is true. Maybe city playing the long con after all. Let's hope.
  7. I think that has been inflated by the talk of holden tbh. I'd imagine Holloway has a better approval rating for next coach than holden
  8. Yeah with no fans, there has never been a better time to make a hugely unpopular decision.
  9. Drinking in the ground wont make people drink more. People binge drink before, at half time, to make up for it anyway. There are many, many drunk people at the football. Bringing one in to the seat wont change anything.
  10. Imagine turning your nose up at a mamger that took a league 2 club to the Premier league and kept them there. He'll go to a bigger club than us no problem
  11. If I cant fall down three rows of seats, kiss a stranger, limbs everywhere celebrating a goal, I ain't going.
  12. Its definitely something to do with a man no longer in post at BCFC
  13. That downsy bloke can get in the bin and all
  14. Great game. We are so far behind these two in terms of style of football.
  15. No they are just recruiting for a doctor
  16. Yeah my examples aren't great you're correct, and although I have no actual evidence of player turning us down, (I don't work for the club) I'm certain if a similar offer was made to a player by us and say, Fulham, hes going to Fulham. The point I am badly making is we are a small club in a part of the country that is hardly a hotbed for football achievement, often hiring managers who are pretty unknown outside of divisions 3 or 4. I really feel we need to make a bolder move and pay the money. The manager is out leader but likely paid less than the right back.
  17. I think players would rather play for Hughton than Paul Cook. Take Abraham out of that list because he was an 18 year old loan, the rest are good but not great players, certainly doubtful that any are premier league quality.
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