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  1. Lots of scaremongering. I never engaged with Sean at all. I don't think we were turning a corner as some are saying, we may have scraped together some points but they were not earned convincingly. This could be the start of a recovery, Sean's attitude was miserable and so was his style of football.
  2. I'm pleased city have acted as was not impressed by him at all, however I am shocked they actually did it.
  3. Email from lands down will post link
  4. Why does every thread turn into the Timothy bird show .....
  5. Frustrating point in the end. Concerned we've not put two decent 45mins together all season. We definitely have been a one half team. SOD needs to work on this IMO
  6. 45 mins to save his job. Make this team talk a goo one Sean. Time has run out
  7. You condem people that are aggressive at Football so why are you so aggressive when trying to make a point? trying so hard to belittle people who don't agree with you. You should get a life ban yourself for being such a condescending nause.
  8. Ban all the knobheads from Ashton gate and there won't be anyone left. We're all idiots, we continue to watch this turd year on year
  9. Good point didn't think about that. I suspect the offences are bad enough to expect a knock on your door at 05am and with only 40 odd people being sought it can only be for the more serious crimes.
  10. This feels dirty but fair play Rovers, this is the right way to go about it.
  11. Well I just want to say I have absolutely no issue with those that chose to run onto the pitch to celebrate at full time. And if those people are (as sone have revealed) been arrested for this then they should feel aggrieved.
  12. If any of the arrested are charged solely for entering the field of play I will be absolute amazed.
  13. This wasn't an exercise in rounding up excited children, these were raids on people that have (allegedly) committed violent crimes. People are not being arrested for running on a football pitch!! Hence why the police are only seeking 40 odd people and not 500-1000 pitch invaders!! I agree with the publicity factor, unnecessary and scare mongering.
  14. Completely agree. They were paid to control order, not watch then nick 2 months later. Yellow shirt or whoever he is should have been removed from the ground after the first goal for his (drunken) behaviour. Did his actions though warrant arrest? not in my opinion he was just being a knob, a lot of us have been a dick when pissed. Should have just taken a hard line and frog marched him out, many others around him would have then thought twice.
  15. That's kind of the point of a forum. Let's try and keep political allegiances out of football chat, it adds nothing to the debate apart from bickering.
  16. Absolutely nothing. Some people just can't help themselves.
  17. I highly doubt any of the arrested today were arrested for entering the field of play, so it's not a matter of nicking people for running on the pitch. I would have thought that some arrests would relate to fighting in Winterstoke Road Car Park and the industrial estate after the game and the numerous scraps in and around Bristol. Also for any violent behaviour, seat or coin throwing inside the ground.
  18. Back from the game. City were excellent lots of energy closed them down quickly. Elliot again impressive and Anderson a constant pain. Back 4 rock solid no mistakes (yes that includes lewin and fonts) Heaton had nothing to do, literally nothing. Sadly we lacked the quality when it mattered but Brighton are a very strong team and city totally controlled the game. We played lads that kind of effort will give us a fighting change. I just worry we don't have the quality to stay up.
  19. If a Man Yoo thread gets more posts than this one, something inside me will die.
  20. Aizoon if you make no post on otib between now and Monday ill buy you a ticket for Watford
  21. Not amazing and not seen anything from Kelly to excite BUT massive 3 points so fair play! Need to raise game against Watford but very happy today. Ps to the loon in the EE that jumped on me when stead scored you dribbled down my neck you ******* nutter!! What city does to normal humans
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