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  1. This will get banned any minute. Parents pushing their kids onto the pitch to beg for shirts is pretty sad.
  2. OP says fans are sticking with the team but I respectfully disagree, I've never been to so few games ... its the first season I've never been to an away game (and don't plan too) and not I'm renewing my season ticket after 12 years. Defo not the only one looking at the empty seats at AG.
  3. They have a massive warehouse type thing near my house in lyde green. A good company to work for from what I hear locally
  4. Horrible watch ... we play the odd good game and you think we're on to something then we started being shite again
  5. Yeah no doubt, he a capable player at league one/scottish premier level. Nice lad as well by all accounts. We need better than Zac Vyners unfortunately and we can't afford them which is a problem.
  6. Never mentioned the conference so not sure what you're on about there. I don't think Vyner is a good enough player to be employed by our club, if you do that's fine as well. I'd like it more if he stopped being so shit.
  7. Dave give it a year or two and I absolutely guarantee Vyner will be playing for Motherwell or Hearts
  8. Yeah but was it confidence or did his ability decline? Because I'm not doubting LF was a useful player ... but time came when he wasn't and I think that's happening with vyner
  9. Great comparison. Initially you might think it's down to confidence but actually the reality is the players level is Scotland.
  10. Don't be a ****, you know what I'm getting at. There will be free agents or low cost options better than Zac Vyner .. I mean what the **** are we paying that cretin Danny Simpson for?
  11. Hes not a scapegoat because that would be acknowledging he's someone that is misunderstood and blamed for things outside if his control. Hes none of these things, including being a championship level defender, and should be replaced by someone of higher ability.
  12. We have no where near enough money and or quality to get promoted. What purpose does spouting this crap serve? I will put every penny I own on that we wont be promoted to the Premier league in 5 years. Not negative, I love the way we're going right now, but this is our level.
  13. I saw the notification "davefevs has replied" and got defensive in my own head straight off the bat. However I agree with everything you say, weak links (from senior pros) really let us down today. We gave Fulham so much respect, and that team is 100% beatable with the right mindset. Unfortunately despite a good start I felt our team just gave up. I fear this team is sometimes beat before we star,t and we need to start getting a bit of fire up our arses. I also think our fans accept losses like this when actually there were points there today and we should have got 1 or 2.
  14. Shouldn't get dicked like that in any league. Kiddie beat Reading last week. This attitude of, "Well its Fulham" needs to stop. We could have done them today if half the team had a brain.
  15. For the money we paid for Kalas if he ain't the "strong" CB and a kid needs to step and help him, well he's a bust mate. Not having a pop at you but losing patience with Kalas, doesn't even get the armband. Needs to go I think
  16. Salary cap in the efl. And I'm 100% all in.
  17. Is that your party trick? Cost a lot of money did Tomas, we leak goals for fun. I think CD is absolutely our concern as it's the reason we concede so many goals and lose so many games.
  18. Only the worst teams in the league have taken that kind of hiding. Despite our "effort" we are still a poor team that loses more than it wins.
  19. I think if we are completely honest pound for pound Tomas Kalas has not been the player we thought he'd be
  20. Were a team that failure money clubs eat for breakfast. What worries me is that an Eastern European international Defender (Kalas) has been absolutely ruined by an Eastern European International Striker (Mitrovic) We don't need forwards, we need competent defenders and we have none. Kalas is proving to be an absolute bust.
  21. Whys he always do defensive? Comes across as a right dick sometimes
  22. Agree. Tries to be the smart arse all the time, yeah the question is weak sometimes but just answer it. Thanks he's hard and it's actually quite boring.
  23. Wasn't a pop at you, I believe you. But he's lying.
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