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  1. Been there mate, when it was the 1st division
  2. harrys

    Alex Scott

    What a turn a pass that was, best player on the pitch
  3. After holding that flag up he deserves no respect at all, awful way to treat your fans and employers
  4. maybe because not many people care?
  5. Oh, wouldn’t know, never watch it
  6. Against the biggest City in England never to have a football team play in the “premiership”
  7. We do have the odd exception unlike Redge
  8. It’s understandable, there will be plenty of the same opinion because we have been truly awful for two years, personally I’m feeling more confident than I have for a few seasons as long as we can keep the young guns and hopefully have now sorted out the shambolic defence
  9. Most over-rated performer ever, hasn’t had a decent song since Benny and the jets, why people would want to waste decent money on this guy is beyond me
  10. Glad they don’t rate us, we”ll be a great bet on their handicap betting
  11. What a complete idiot, what’s the point in doing a 7 fold if you are going to cash out after 3 legs, what he should of done after cashing out was put on a few quid on the remaining 4 horse as a 4 fold, £20 stake would of got him £11,500 back, at least that would of lessened the pain a bit
  12. Typical, it has to be him, our most important and influential player in my opinion
  13. I managed to last to 1.12 minutes, the wonderful Brent at his best only this isn’t meant to be funny
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