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  1. Love Tommy, not cheap but good quality gear
  2. Probably done by some idiot who doesn’t even know who Churchill was, he was the right man at the right time as far as the war is concerned, other than that he made many many awful decisions pre-war
  3. Will be watching springwatch instead
  4. harrys


    Of course their are exceptions when English managers outnumber foreign ones by 4 to 1 It doesn’t ruin my theory though, go and have a look at the stats, yet again this season 3 teams promoted with foreign managers (with barely an English player in sight) can’t you see that? Also the three teams relegated from the premiership just happened to have Wilder, Parker & the dinosaur Big Sam at the helm
  5. harrys


    It goes without saying there are exceptions but the vast majority of teams that get out of this division are coached by foreign managers, look what’s happened to Barnsley and Reading this season under foreign managers and they were on the brink of relegation only the season before, there are six foreign managers in the division of which five of them finished in the top seven the other 17 positions being filled by British coaches with the exception of Huddersfield who themselves tasted the Premiership under a foreign coach.
  6. harrys


    Yet another club that realise that you are are far more likely to get out of this division with a foreign manager
  7. Merrick & Rodgers for us, Mariner and Rafferty for them
  8. Fair play to anyone that picked Hull & Cheltenham also Sutton/Torquay in the Conference
  9. Let’s get it in perspective yeh, every cloud
  10. Keep Weinmann, we’ve missed him more than any other player this season, be disappointed if Paterson stays, 1 decent game then 5 games when you wouldn’t even know he’s on the pitch is not good enough
  11. Log files, engines, discs ? No idea what you’re talking about
  12. harrys


    And any defence is made better with a competent back four and reliable keeper, ultimately all of this talk don’t amount to a hill of beans while we have a manager who is well past his sell-by date
  13. harrys


    Lots of complaints about our midfield but has anyone seen how many goals we’ve let in ? Only six teams in the division have let in more hence we have the second worse goal difference in the top 15
  14. That header reminds me of the type of goals we saw in the ‘70s from the likes of Osgood, Chivers, Clarke etc
  15. He’d better hurry up then as he will be out of work in 9 months time
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