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  1. Give me 50 and i’ll take it
  2. 100%, It’s what Swansea do, now Forest are flourishing with their ex manager while other teams in this division have to put up with “pump it down the middle” out of date merchants
  3. Derby are bottom of the league but have the best defence but have only scored 7 goals, sounds pretty boring, Swansea performance today was anything but boring particularly when you compare it to the rubbish we’ve had to endure at AG for the last couple of years
  4. How bad has Pack been, he’s managed to get even slower
  5. It’s hard to argue against that, did we actually deserve to win any of those 16? I don’t think so, in fact we were second best in nearly all of them, when I see the lovely football QPR, Luton, Coventry etc are playing it just frustrates me even more
  6. It was so easy for them to go from defence to offence from the moment their keeper had the ball in his hands, when Bentley had the ball it was lumped down the middle to their centre half and so giving possession straight back to them, modern day teams with modern day managers don’t lump it down the middle
  7. We sold out for a midweek game at Bradford in ‘89
  8. When it comes to making crunch decisions he is hopeless and always takes the negative option.
  9. Didn’t watch the game myself but my boy just rang me and from Wembley and said Grealish was taken off after an hour but was the best England player by a distance, typical of some of the very strange and questionable decisions that Southgate seems to make at times
  10. I see you’re having a great run at the right time with the end of season being only 3 weeks away
  11. I was in the open end right behind the goal where we scored, right in amongst the mob that you can see jumping up, about 10 of us bunked off school as 14 year olds and we were spotted by teachers on the TV getting on the coach at AG before the game.
  12. Nothing comes close to that game or ever will
  13. He’s getting more like Brent every day, Jesus went to Nazareth, Bristol’s a big place but once i’ve finished here there’s Bath, Dursley, Yatton. You know... Weston, Thornbury. Because i’m my own boss...... Burnham
  14. harrys


    Bang on, I am not or never have been any “member of a firm” but you were taking your life in your own hands when going to some away games in the ‘80s and on many occasion if you weren’t in a “mob” you’d be singled out scarfer or not, it’s the main reason why crowds hit rock bottom all over the country, I remember going to all sorts of relatively small teams who were happy to pick off a few City fans and trying to have a go like Hereford, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Northampton, Chesterfield etc, it was just the way football was at the time, am I glad it’s behind us ? absolutely 100%. Have the CSF released a statement on the shortage of HGV drivers yet?
  15. Small club, if they don’t get promoted back to prem in the next couple of seasons they’ll head the same way as Wigan, do remember them taken a big following to Eastville in the early 80’s and causing a lot of trouble
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