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  1. Was Wymaine the guitarist in the Stones?
  2. harrys


    So he never got sacked ?
  3. harrys


    Did Ferguson get sacked?
  4. harrys


    Tinnion (City legend)and Holden (cheap & continuity option) were poor but understandable appointments at the time, can’t remember anyone complaining when Coppell was appointed, LJ had his moments but ultimately should of been sacked at least 12 earlier, Millen was just hopeless, funnily enough the one manager who got the most stick on this forum when appointed was Cotterill, the fact is that most managerial appointments are failures and most managers get the sack
  5. harrys


    Posh have managed to unearth a gem of a centre forward for as long as I can remember and who often fires them to promotion, it’s crazy if you look at the CF’s that have played for them in the last 20 years
  6. harrys


    I don’t get this constant slagging of SL, all he’s done is constantly financially backed our managers, it’s not him who identifies and decides that this or that player is worth x amount of millions, he would be backing NP now if it weren’t for FFP (not that I would have much faith in NP considering some of the players he has bought in) I would love to know peoples idea of a realistic alternative for SL
  7. harrys


    He could barely have been worse other than getting relegated last season, decisions like keeping Martin on for the full 90 minutes are truly truly baffling, however he’s going nowhere and we have no alternative but to stick behind him
  8. Just because he doesn’t want to sign a contract doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play for us
  9. Be prepared for a big offer from a premiership club in the next few weeks
  10. There were far more than 2,352 Sunderland fans there so what was all that about?
  11. Despite being a defender Pearson still doesn’t know how to build a defence and don’t get me started on his ridiculous decision not to entertain loanees, that guy up front for them today was different class
  12. Is it to simple to ask the club to explain why it was a sell out yet the attendance was only 24,000 ?
  13. Cannot believe the absolute nonsense I’m reading, I really do despair sometimes
  14. Whatever way you look at it there’s no tickets left, it’s not like the Rovers “sell out” last week where the ground was only three quarters full
  15. I don’t know about that, 5000 more home fans than last seasons opener with all the merchandise/food sales that go with that, anyway, I’m not suggesting they do it for every game but if they did it wouldn’t bother me despite the fact I have a season ticket, that was my point
  16. Personally I couldn’t care less that tickets are only a tenner, more in the ground the merrier, my choice whether to buy a season ticket or not
  17. And still yet no mention in gas-obsessed Bristol post, all I was reading practically every day last week was of their possible fantastic achievement of hitting 9,000 fans for their opener
  18. Exactly this, it’s not rocket science, everyone a winner
  19. Hope you enjoy the Emerald Isle, I used to be on here as “Galway Red” when I lived over the west coast. “Horses running through council estates, toothless simpletons, people with eyebrows on their cheeks, badly tarmacced drives – in this country, men in platform shoes being arrested for bombings, lots of rocks, and Beamish." Remember as the great Alan Partridge said Ders more to Ireland den dis
  20. She looks more like Uncle Fester
  21. Only roughly 200 home seats left if the “seats available” are correct
  22. It is a great following and all the reasons you’ve stated are fair enough, I just thought that the first away game of the season in a great City after a few years out of this division would of guaranteed a sell out for them, expensive day/weekend out though that’s for sure
  23. Surprised they’ve not sold out yet, Newcastle would of
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