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  1. Bein sports 2 and DAZN 2 both showing it. English commentary
  2. Massango showing promise again is my only positive today
  3. Don't talk utter rubbish, we should be at least 6 points clear with the star studded squad we have and the talent of youth, all that while being sensible and no breaking the bank
  4. Im guessing all these big events are harvesting their hopes on Oxford vaccine getting the green light, thats the game changer in my opinion, if that goes tits up then summer ruined again. Just my uneducated opinion
  5. Haven't they got to get into the positions to create chances?, and quality players create their own. Im not saying they are bad player's but they both need to do alot more.
  6. Hard to blame creativity in the second half for our problems. Martin and Wells were none existence all game, Wells maybe with a couple of touches here and there, but Martin terrible, he is a good player but terrible lately.
  7. Went shop last week and they said as soon as they come in they will be sent out on next day delivery
  8. Yeah just a feeling i get, probably nothing in it
  9. Never hear anything or see much about Walsh, got a feeling he wants off
  10. No Walsh back to training yet? No Palmer, did Massango get called up for international cause couldnt spot him either.
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