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  1. So just to summarise from the press conference today - There are no immediate plans for vaccine passport to be introduced for going to the pub etc They are going to be trialled however at larger events. When the rates increase again however in the autumn due to the new variants and seasonality, at that stage there will be more public support to introduce them more widely into society, and as if by magic the the systems will be in place. Good government planning for all eventualities or the plan all along to introduce? I am not saying they are a good or bad thing, that in many ways will be determined by people's own experiences throughout the pandemic. Those that have lost loved ones, or seen the terrible effects of covid are much more likely to want vaccine passports to be introduced than those who have not. Also they may be a useful tool the encourage vaccination in the younger age groups who in the summer months when rates are low may not feel the need. It was almost as if Boris had not quite convinced himself of the answers he was giving though!
  2. My feelings are that VAR has ruined the game. Let's look at this in simple terms: We go to football matches for enjoyment (or in the hope of enjoyment being a City fan). The main moment of enjoyment is when a goal is scored. VAR takes away that moment, you cannot properly celebrate, it's always in the back of your mind whether it will go to VAR and then be disallowed. Imagine Korey's goal vs Man U - many peoples favourite City moment - you would have half celebrated, but then it probably would have gone to VAR, minced around, goal given, but that initial moment of joy would have been lost.
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    Yes, I thought the same. Would have taken a great finish from that angle if he had stayed on his line.
  4. It's hard to know what to believe half the time, when other videos doing the rounds show they do have an effect (admittedly they are likely not to be by qualified professionals). I do know that my other half has a splitting headache after wearing a mask after every shift. Needs must in these times I suppose though.
  5. I completely agree. My daughter said she loved it and we were considering buying her one for her birthday. She would not want as long sleeve though.
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    Holden pretty much said he advised Johnson and Johnson ignored his advise. That's why they switched to 532 in Holden's first game. Holden cannot be blaimed for Johnson's failings.
  7. bbew


    Why? It was probably what happened. Would you preferred he lied?
  8. Out of interest to those that sat in the Atyeo yesterday - could you hear the rest of the stadium at all or is the atmosphere as bad as away fans seem to indicate?
  9. Some interesting replies to my original post, so just my thoughts in response to some of them. 1. I would never force my opinions on any of the people I speak to about City. If anything I would say I am the most negative and it is others that give a more balanced opinion and put things in perspective when I am still annoyed at a defeat a few days before. I just honestly have not come across anyone who is in the Johnson out camp, across all the different age groups and types of people I speak to. 2. That was poor of me to exclude the most successful period under Gary Johnson in my comparisons of current success to that in all my time watching City. It does in one way back up that getting rid of the manager does not always make things better, although I appreciate the club was different then and there was possibly a more toxic atmosphere within the club back then which is why Gary had to go. 3. I still don't agree you can just ignore the transfer funds received and only judge Johnson on the amounts he has spent on players, I can see no logic in this. 4. I also do not really see the massive so called discontent of fans at games. Ok, there has been low level boos at the last 2 games, but that is hardly anything new, and in the past we seemed to boo after almost every defeat no matter who it was to. I have bood the players/managers over the years, and will continue to do so if not satisfied. I sang 'Pulis for Pompey' away at Brentford as loud as I could back then, and I would call that 'discontent', a few boos here and there over the last few weeks is hardly any comparison. 5. Not directly a response to what others have said, however - The non city fans I speak to also see things from a different perspective to many of those on OTIB. They think we are doing well and to an extent I agree with them I would class the following championship clubs as bigger than us: Leeds, WBA, Forest, Fulham, Sheff W, Cardiff, Middlesbrough, Derby, Birmingham, Charlton, Stoke. Obviously you cannot just judge a league position on that basis, but on that crude basis where we are in the league now is about right. Again obviously it depends how the season goes from here and whether we turn around our form as to whether we have under or over achieved at the end of the season. 6. I was once in the Johnson out camp (just), towards the end of our terrible run those few years back. I do feel I was proved wrong back then as we have made improvements since then, so maybe that is why I personally give more slack than others currently
  10. Now clearly they do, as they seem to dominate this forum, and facebook is even worse - but in real life? I have never actually met one person who wants Johnson out. Is is just a vocal minority of a few hundred who seem to distort the actual thoughts of the fanbase? All the people I speak to and not a single one wants Johnson out - Family and extended family - no one. People in work and through work - no one. The kids mates - no one. The parents at kids football matches - no one. Now before you all start saying I am a happy clapper, no that is far from the truth - Were we rubbish today? yes (thought Palmer did quite well despite criticism he's now getting). Does it annoy me that we attack so slowly that we give the other team time to get back? yes Does Johnson gets tactics wrong quite often? yes Does it drive me mad when we have a throw in in an attacking position and end up going back to our keeper? yes Does the atmosphere at matches these days just seem pathetic? yes Does it just baffle me that when we are losing or drawing at half time and the players come put for the second half, that instead of a roar of encouragement it is as if the game restarts and no one has even realised? yes Is this division there for the taking this season and we should be doing better? yes Would I sell my house just because the kitchen tap is broke? no Bigger picture - Are we actually continuously finishing higher than at any point in my whole 30 years of watching city? yes, yes we are!! All this nonsense of the amount Johnson has spent compared to past managers is ridiculous, when people are just ignoring the transfers out part as well, and not taking into account inflation or general rises in the cost of players these days. I feel that maybe all you Johnson out moaners are similar to those who wanted Curbishley out at Charlton because 7th in the premier was not good enough - Just be careful what you wish for! COYR
  11. I just wondered if I heard correctly on the weekend. Did I hear in the Dolman the song Thatchers Gold, but with Natch replaced with Nagy? (if the pronunciation is correct being Nadge). I thought that was a good song for him but did not hear S82 sing it or any mention of it Facebook, so am now wondering if I misheard and they were just singing the normal song but I have inadvertently made up a song?
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