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  1. Can you count two own goals as a comeback?
  2. Slacker

    Big Jeff

    Big Jeff back in Bristol.Continuing his recovery in Southmead Hospital.
  3. Slacker


    D'oh!Thanks.I had the h and a.Oh well,nearly got to 100.
  4. Slacker


    Oh well.I was on a run streak of 97 til yesterday!Anyone want to put me out of my misery and tell me what it was?
  5. Slacker


    I am struggling with this one too.I have got the second and third letters and have tried all the usual most used letters with no luck.
  6. Freya the walrus.Such a magnificent animal.Another innocent animal killed by people who know best.I eat meat so this probably makes me a hypocrite but I was gutted to see this.
  7. The word "literally ".Constantly overused and misused in society in general. I don't know why it gets under my skin so much. He literally should have passed it there.He literally should have scored.The ref was literally hopeless.The list is literally endless!
  8. Forgot the full stop at the end.
  9. I am an old fart and I am still waiting to win my first one!
  10. Perhaps the reason refs stopped giving us penalties was because it took JET so long to take them?
  11. Sadly most of us have seen or will see someone we love battle cancer but she fought it for thirty years. Difficult to comprehend the fight she has put up for three decades. Absolute warrior.Rest in peace Olivia.
  12. He has,but his son will always be Bristol born and bred.
  13. I don't think there will ever be a better time to try and generate interest after the fantastic tournament England have just had.It would certainly be an opportunity missed not to give it a try.
  14. Very happy today with the result but the one thing that irked me today was that both teams were more than happy going in for tackles and not shirking the physical approach, yet it felt like every tackle that was made,every 50/50 ball that was contested,any kind of contact between player's and the ref immediately stopped play to award a free kick.In fairness she did it for both teams but I found it pretty frustrating.
  15. Loved the interviews with the players after the game.Honest,excited,spontaneous, passionate. Much different than the cautious, media trained male players.
  16. England have scored some cracking goals in this tournament.
  17. Looks like the ref may have finally had enough of the Germans niggly challenges.
  18. Mary Earps having a fantastic game in goal.
  19. Well publicised mental health issues.Mostly centred around depression if I remember correctly.
  20. Horrible feeling this ref is going to cost us.
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