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  1. The current Mrs Slacker recommends the Stella version,which is also much cheaper than Bud, Heineken etc,and if you are considering your waistline,Marks and Spencer Czech lager is about the lowest calorie and apparently fairly good.
  2. Whoever that bloke is,Fordy,he does indeed look proper chuffed at meeting a true legend.Nice to see he dressed up for the occasion too in his natty suit.
  3. I would buy a place in St Ives,that would be most of it gone,and spend the rest in The Three Ferrets.
  4. Best of luck to the lad.Showed he was brave enough to take his chance.Hope it pays off for him.
  5. Just be careful he doesn't put a turd in your freezer.
  6. Not a fan of gin personally. I much prefer rum.There is a rum making class at The Bristol and Bath Distillery, top of Park Street which was good fun.From what I can remember anyway.
  7. Semi Radraga out for four months due to knee surgery.
  8. Look forward to seeing this excuse for low crowds on the g*s forum. for the next few years!
  9. Anyone know what has happened/is happening to The Crown in St Nicks?I read somewhere it was changing hands.
  10. There is a Youth Hostel near the Arnolfini.I assume that would be pretty cheap.
  11. We really have so much to thank them for.
  12. Please start supporting the away team when you go to Ashton Gate.Sit in the Atyeo with your mate and cheer for whoever City are playing. Who knows?You might bring us a home win!
  13. Each to their own Tone,but I would think that now would be a great time to watch the g*s.
  14. Are you sure it's a new post.Could be years old?
  15. Always used to have them in the newsagents opposite the Natch Wall.
  16. Stop that!You know every time someone posts something like that it just shows the Ipswich fans how jealous we are that he dumped us for them.
  17. I would love to know what he genuinely thought of Mark Ashton and an insight into the whole job interview/selection process he went through. I can only assume it was the most amateur moment of his managerial career and makes me wonder why it didn't make him run a mile!
  18. According to the OS,Nigel Pearson and Richard Gould are holding a fans forum at the Hen and Chicken.Who on here would be brave enough to ask Nigel a question, and what would you ask?
  19. In all fairness I assume he will find a cure for covid,while he's having his half time orange so credit where it is due!
  20. Can we please ban the words,"Cristiano", and "Ronaldo " from this forum.?I imagine if anyone here is interested in him,if they looked very hard on Google, they could probably find something about him.
  21. I think it will pass on that.A bit gritty for me,and I will resist the temptation of bringing omo into the conversation.
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