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  1. Is the squad still away at that point? I'd just assumed they'd be flying back that evening
  2. Blimey that's a surprise
  3. Into the final for Scotty!
  4. Just got back from work to see the scoresheet, so pleased for AS!
  5. Ah that's annoying, I'd assumed it was on at 7pm. Ah well. Have to hope they get to the final, which I assume is Saturday?
  6. I think what sets him apart from most of them is the amount of first team football he's had. You can see the maturity in his way of playing. Of course they're all very technically great for their age, but decision making gives AS the edge over a few of them. I can't speak for what Phil foden was like for u19s, but Scott is definitely up there in the current squad.
  7. This pitch is an injury waiting to happen
  8. Fortunately I can't see him being in a very big wage at all, but it's still a waste of a wage. Hopefully we can find him a club who'll take him.
  9. We can't move them on if nobody wants them...
  10. Great goal from him
  11. Edit: Scott not off, commentators called it wrong
  12. Good half from England. Scott looking very good again. I did manage to get trolled on Twitter by someone saying Scott had his leg broken...who goes around saying that stuff for a laugh? Supposedly city supporters too
  13. Does anyone know if the game tomorrow night is also on the BBC?
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