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  1. Rebrand it as part of the Mendalps
  2. The worst thing that happened was him scoring a decent goal in the League Cup (I think) v. Watford (again , IIRC) and he probably started believing his own hype.
  3. I couldn't disagree with this more if I tried. This has to be one of the most outrageous statements I have ever seen on any City related platform. That season was an absolute joy to watch. The only campaign that can stand alongside 89/90 in my time of watching City.
  4. Biggest superspreader event of the year
  5. The entrance foyer, the spin the wheel thing is how the players decide on the amount of a fine is to be paid (money goes into the kitty for the end of season do I think) boot room, cryo-room, gym, pool and all changing rooms are named after a club legend. All very slick.
  6. Think so. Also other circumstances could also mean that could happen too.
  7. I did chuckle. The immature nause that I am. Thought that was ripe for an accidental mispronunciation.
  8. Have read about this before and for all the massive PR onslaught that accompanied both training facilities opening (world class etc etc*) I really don't understand why the Rugby only had a half-pitch installed under the roof. Surely if you're doing it, do it bloody properly. *As good as the RHPC is, if that's world class (or whatever guff was spouted at the time) I'm Lionel Messi
  9. Or maybe even Nagy? Sure I saw something recently about him being a possible transfer target having had a good spell with Pisa since we let him go
  10. I didn't but things like that can only help inspire the younger age-groups - definitely a huge advantage of all being in the same place.
  11. I guess it's just nice to see the environment the club have provided for where the players pretty much spend all their non-matchday time. Very bright & spacious, all needs seem to be catered for but I wouldn't say it was "luxurious" - but from a functional perspective you're going about your job in comfortable & well designed surroundings. Sounds like the fact that all age groups from U9s train there too (I think that's what they said, anyway) it sounds like the club (Men's & Women's) is much more "together" and that can only be a good thing I'd say.
  12. We went last night & I have to say fair play to the club as it was pretty darned good. Greeted by Jerry with a brief appearance from Richard Gould and pretty much access all areas being guided around by Jerry, who was as candid as ever & gave us plenty of time to take photos etc etc I know it was all sold out this time round but if you get the chance again, I'd definitely recommend it. Our 9 year old son (who's pretty much infatuated with all things City) came out buzzing. Jerry also said they're looking at doing Stadium Tours on certain days in August so keep your eyes peeled for those being released. Genuinely well done City - a great way to keep the young 'uns - and us old 'uns - happy.
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