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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-58951342 A man has pleaded guilty to a charge relating to the flight in which footballer Emiliano Sala died. David Henderson admitted attempting to discharge a passenger without valid permission or authorisation. The plane carrying 28-year-old Sala and pilot David Ibbotson crashed into the English Channel in January 2019. Henderson, 66, of the East Riding of Yorkshire, will now go on trial on a separate charge, accused of endangering the safety of an aircraft. He entered the guilty plea when he asked to be rearraigned on the eve of his trial, as he appeared before High Court judge Mr Justice Foxton at Cardiff Crown Court on Monday. The story of Emiliano Sala Sala - timeline of the Cardiff signing IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES/DAVID IBBOTSON Image caption,Emiliano Sala (left) was on board a plane being flown by pilot David Ibbotson Henderson is alleged to have arranged the flight carrying Sala and 59-year-old Mr Ibbotson. The single-engine Piper Malibu aircraft was bringing the striker, who was involved in a multimillion pound transfer deal, from Nantes in France to Cardiff where he had signed for the Bluebirds. The body of Sala was recovered from the seabed the following month, but neither the body of Mr Ibbotson, from Crowle, Lincolnshire, nor the plane's wreckage, was recovered. Image caption,The Piper Malibu N264DB disappeared from radar near the Channel Islands on 21 January. At a hearing in October 2020, the court heard how Mr Ibbotson's licence to fly an aircraft commercially had expired in November 2018. The Air Accidents Investigations Branch (AAIB) reported at the start of the year that the plane had been leaking carbon monoxide during the flight and a final manoeuvre by Mr Ibbotson to pull up the plane had caused it to break up mid-air. An jury inquest into his death was postponed until after Mr Henderson's trial and is scheduled for 14 February 2022.
  2. Spot on mate. He’s absolutely pointless wen he plays like he did today. Offered absolutely nothing.
  3. Galicia > Mahou if only for the quality of the designs on their pint glasses
  4. Luvvly jubbly. Might take me a visit up there. El Rincon also (or did, anyway) do draft Galicia.
  5. You could buy Nige back that pint he bought you (and Richard Gould)
  6. Estrella Damm? Or the much better Galicia?
  7. money doesn't make you immune from life's challenges though, sadly.
  8. CyderInACan


    I'm a Weetabix kinda guy & love cats. I therefore hate you & want to fight you at the next opportunity.
  9. CyderInACan


    What could be more cowardly than hitting someone just because they support a different football club. I mean how pathetic is that. you may as well have a fight because you prefer different breakfast cereals. Or you prefer dogs rather than cats.
  10. Always nice to hear a player's view too. Looking forward to it
  11. Nige not appearing tonight but Fleming, Weimann, Bentley & Gould will be hosting it.
  12. That's a bargain in some of the pubs round here nowadays TBH
  13. I'm not looking forward to their prices at the bar mind . . .
  14. I'm quite looking forward to this. Hoping for a lot more candour & honesty from Nige & Richard Gould than we have had in the last few years from Ashton.
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