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  1. OOC at the end of the season & not in our plans.
  2. Insane. Easily the best Street Food in Bristol. One of the reasons I chose to go back into the office for a day a week prior to Omicron. St Nick's is awesome. Hope that Chilli Daddy come back once things are safer. Also the Caribbean Lady does some amazing Curry Goat.
  3. This must be the most home produced players in and around the first team since 1982?
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned before so apologies in advance, but just seen this seeing that Albert, bless him, now holds the record for the most championship appearances. No mean feat when you consider his route into professional football. Definitely a bit of a legend in these parts congratulations Uncle Albert. What a top man (as Geoff would say!)
  5. Big Nath with a meat pie for Hartpury last night in a 31-31 draw w. London Jocks
  6. The Cornish refer to anywhere further away than Exeter as being “Up Country”
  7. People I know on Raynes park on the road as they rent their driveway out on matchdays!
  8. To complete the analogy, “Deano” (sigh) was the supply teacher.
  9. Not that I have a particular hatred of Derby, but I think it will take a “big club” going completely and utterly to the wall, and then being hoisted by their own pétards, * to make the game rethink what football means and how it is funded. The status quo just cannot continue. * obvious mixing of metaphors accepted
  10. Big family favourite of ours too. Ace.
  11. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d65976e88ee800001a106ab/t/619779f2a4163276b8515434/1637317106673/Decimo+Dinner+%26+Lunch+-+W+logo.pdf Looks nice TBF. Bloody London though.
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