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  1. I respect your right to not have the vaccine or any form of medical treatment that you choose not to take. I think, however, that you’re way off beam on this one though. This talk of infertility is, if you ask me, the craziest of crazy talk.
  2. You have the freedom to choose. But it comes with a very well publicised caveat.
  3. Yeah. The likelihood of covid passports won’t kick in til the end of August?
  4. Mrs Cyder & I did the Pony & Trap on North St on Friday. Very good, obviously not huge portions but what you get is top drawer & pretty reasonably priced at £42ish a head. Quite a roomy space, one half carpeted & the other more light wood flooring (reminded me of an old school sports hall :laugh:) very good service, wine prices as you'd expect and overall a very good experience. Recommended. https://theponynorthstreet.co.uk/
  5. I wonder how many Tilsons = the cost of Track & Trace?
  6. Kerry Katona? Jordan? Ryan Giggs? (Not all together mind? Unless they were married to his relatives, allegedly)
  7. Not seen anything in the media about this . . .
  8. Isn’t that where you met your beloved @oldstandrobin ?
  9. Wasn’t the Hawthorns opposite Bristol Grammar School!?
  10. Was there with you lot that night! Pretty surreal.
  11. Aren't we still sponsored by Thatchers in some way? https://admin.bcfc.co.uk/corporate/our-partners/
  12. Sarries (a) at the new White Hart Lane mind. Nice little trip that.
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