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  1. That’s pretty much one 3-bed house in Ashton nowadays.
  2. Absolutely fine with me. Too many people making excuses. Find them & ban them.
  3. I was thinking this too. If HMRC & Derby City Council effectively save DCFC then the cost to the the public purse will be incredible money in very lean times. Let's have it right; Derby are, whichever way you look at it, very much the authors of their own misfortune. Derby are just another business that's gambled. And lost. I could be wrong but I doubt that outside of Derby too many people would be bothered if they ceased to exist/became a phoenix club on the Derby Downs.
  4. Pretty sure it was 34 - would've been more had it not been for that injury v. Crewe (h)
  5. Really enjoyed last night and great to see lots of familiar faces down there cheering the young 'uns on. Rose stood out for me (I'd expect Riley "Doors" Towler and Tommy Conway to look too good for this level) but the kids down the front of the Lansdown (Ashton Boys outing?) were simply embarrassing with their pathetic wannabee hooligan behaviour. Utterly ridiculous. Lots to look forward to if we can get a few of these players breaking into the seniors in the next couple of seasons. COYR.
  6. Especially if you need to be pulled off at half-time
  7. Depends mate. Anything South of North Street ie Raleigh, Duckmoor, Luckwell, Smyth, Raynes etc is free. The Southville PRZs (North of North St) are in operation 9-5
  8. Bravo to the boy. Everyone has the absolute human right to be 100% able to be open about who they are. It’s sad that such bravery is still required but hopefully this will lessen as the game has more players representing the LGBTQIA+ communities
  9. That's COD's lot then. (Someone had to)
  10. Or as PJ & Duncan sang/rapped/whatever it was supposed to be . . . "Watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic - SYKES"
  11. Just the mere sight of that man's name has ruined my day. It should be added to the swear filter
  12. Knowing City's track record for an inability to get anything right, I am expecting this to be chaos tomorrow.
  14. Lovely little pub, very welcoming and a great jukebox.
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