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  1. Not really. They’re looking after their real locals.
  2. Same! Boots an awl. Right down by the Sea Walls in the depths of Winter. Character forming stuff
  3. Si, that rings a bell. No beber en la calle. Or something like that.
  4. Coopers are restricting numbers. Spanish/Natch Wall will be busy!
  5. And that Dolman concourse was pretty rammed (vast majority of fans maskless) and that was only an 8k attendance. Saturday will be much busier.
  6. That all seems like a lifetime ago now, doesn't it. So glad we stayed at AG - and with the new redevelopment it should be even better and an huge asset for BS3. One of the brands of beer from the Bristol Beer Factory mate https://www.bristolbeerfactory.co.uk/collections/all-beers/products/independence?variant=39680938115222
  7. Dead cert Flats or Tesco Metro IMHO
  8. I know when we were there for the Villa game last week, the players coming out was really emotional for me when I was thinking of family no longer around, had quite a bit of dust in my eye.
  9. Can’t remember seeing this anywhere but the Sports Bar has now been rebranded after our new deal with George Ferguson’s Bristol Beer Factory, who are literally just at the end of Ashton Rd
  10. Not as good value as it was! Will it go back to being free next year - I hope so.
  11. Series One of Homeland was just awesome. I'll leave that one there as my "box-set" choice Don't really watch much TV, apart from sport, to be fair
  12. Weren’t their respective high-watermarks achieved here though? Did any of them really go onto great heights elsewhere? Tommy Doc in particular could’ve achieved much more had he really wanted.
  13. Seem to also remember the Beaufort, the George (I think) and the Boot. Always used to be a good session along the High St and back with @Arthur Daley, GHC etc etc back in the day
  14. People keep saying this about King as if we’re going to be winning on 75 mins or so! It’s been said so often it’s almost become fact. If we’re shutting down games as suggested then I’ll be a happy chappy but I just can’t see it all that often.
  15. And no social distancing of any type once in the stadium in the queues for the bars, food, toilets etc
  16. By a country mile. Looked like he'd won a raffle.
  17. Fantastic footballer & a thoroughly nice bloke too.
  18. He’s just said that Atkinson is going to help take us up to the premier league and continue playing there. No pressure then . . .
  19. Last time I saw him, a few years ago, he was working at Whitchurch Sport Centre/Softplay thingy.
  20. Pretty sure the ball to Junior came from God who was back defending.
  21. Agreed - those Sheep Pies were an absolute triumph!
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