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  1. I very much doubt this will happen, not to dispute your bona fides @Quedgeley Exilebut where did you hear this?
  2. I’m off to bed but this is like who shot JR
  3. Is this for real!? That’s an absolute shambles. Unless these kids really want to work on tills in other stadiums!
  4. No but I did chuckle every time the Arabic commentator mentioned Chris Martin.
  5. Love this. You should only be able to release a new shirt when your sponsor or kit supplier changes.
  6. My Sky Sports on IPTV was playing up so watched most of it on BEIN Sports 3 - commentary all in Arabic. Was like watching on Channel 9 (for those who remember the Fast Show!)
  7. A great start to the weekend (hopefully)
  8. I will say though that the pre-game drink-up before was top drawer. Sadly, as soon as the game kicked-off I think we all knew we were never going to win.
  9. Absolutely pointless token effort. Arrived at Winterstoke entrance c.2.50/2.55pm and just walked straight through. Complete nonsense.
  10. If we can keep Alan Shearer quiet, I think we can nick a win. COYR.
  11. Aaaaaah I knew there was one tournament where it was. Cheers.
  12. I love Darts bunt haven’t watched any of this. Am I right in saying that the Grand Slam is the only major tournament where it’s double in to start?
  13. A damning sentence if ever there was.
  14. At least we’re not Saracens. Bit rich of other clubs to suggest we buy success (which we haven’t, have we). A spot of jealousy there I’d suggest.
  15. Yea if you get here about 10am!
  16. First sign of going mad is thinking you’re not going mad . . .
  17. The only promotion I can see us getting is from League One back to the Championship in about five years, the way we’re going!
  18. What pisses me off is when the likes of Mark Kelly describe the facilities as world class. Maybe if you’re going to a conference or are in hospitality, but I don’t call the concourse bars or the toilet facilities world class by a long chalk. Having to queue for the entirety of half time to get a pint is far from world class.
  19. Well. A lot of fans seem to think it's OK to park wherever they want and however dangerously they want. So I get it. But the net result is obviously much less parking available on Duckmoor, Smyth etc etc
  20. The council are gash, I'll give you that . . .
  21. Just a quick heads up that the council have finally painted lengthy double yellow lines around the junctions with the roads off Duckmoor Rd, thus reducing even further the amount of on-road free parking available. The grass verges outside Wickes are also cordoned off on a matchday (slightly old news).
  22. Yup. It's up there for me with the possibility of getting X Y or Z player on a "pay as you play" contract. Nonsense.
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