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  1. I think if they’ve gone through all the effort of making the banners, and ruining perfectly good bed sheets, the least we can do is give them their own thread.
  2. Probably more effective than just whinging on a forum like most of us!
  3. Can you imagine Pat Lam giving him regular updates? Nope!
  4. Exactly this. The finance talk is just an excuse for the fact that they haven’t got their **** together and have potentially been left with Dean Holden. Why even entertain the likes of Gerrard and Hughton if that was the case. It’s an excuse, and I wouldn’t buy it for a second.
  5. I honestly don't think they have enough about them to come up with such a plan!
  6. I REALLY don't want Dean Holden as manager. I think it's a massive cop out by the club, I think he was a part of the problem having worked so closely with LJ for so long and this would be a major disappointment given the potential managers available. For once there seemed several good candidates willing and available. I think another big kick in the teeth is that Bristol Rugby club appears to be going places. Great coach and excellent recruitment. I'm not suggesting we can attract or afford the Pat Lam equivalent but it's evident what a difference a respected and proven top coach has made.
  7. I'm pretty sure even LJ could have achieved that but I thought our ambition was Promotion - hence why LJ was sacked. Therefore anything less than top 6 next season is failure, surely?
  8. That's obvious, nobody in their right mind would have taken over and done the same as LJ but I'd say assistants generally share the same principles etc as the manager, especially when they are brought in by the manager. That's why LJ employed him.....twice. Additionally, Holden was working with no pressure on his job, no expectation and nothing to play for. Will be a completely different game when we restart. Dean Holden was a key part of day to day training and a failing management team that was not getting anywhere near the best out of what they had available to them. I really don'
  9. Seriously? Didn't Lee Johnson bring him to Oldham and City? He was LJs Right hand man and a key part of the coaching that took place every day. How was he NOT a key part of a failing management team? Unless of course he fundamentally disagreed with everything LJ was doing but just nodded along and pretended he thought it was a good idea? And I'm not sure that's the sort of person you want as head coach.
  10. Of course nobody knows.....But is it not fair to say that he was a significant part of the previous failing managerial/coaching regime?
  11. .......For every club in the league? It’s not just us with these problems. Every club is in the same boat so this argument really doesn’t make any sense to me.
  12. I’m not saying he should go.....but this appointment will tell us a lot IMO about whether he genuinely wants the best for the club, or whether he wants to create the best situation for himself. *The above is based on a absolutely nothing but my opinion and I could be completely barking up the wrong tree!!!
  13. Can you imagine, the one time there seems to be a few decent managers around, and that on the face of it are available and realistic options......and we go and appoint Dean Holden. It would probably be the most pathetic and disappointing appointment in my time supporting City. And as for talk of promotion ambitions.....it would show that talk up for exactly what it is....
  14. How the hell did they get away with that not being applied this season? Ridiculous.
  15. You never know!! #injohnsonwetrust
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