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  1. UK and USA supplying biggest military aid – Zelensky. Everything is political and Boris has played a blinder here. Eurovision recognises the vital support given to Ukraine, as proven by the voting in what historically is used as a measure of a Countries global standing. Eurovision sees you France and Germany. If we the UK want to continue to do well in future at Eurovision we have to keep finding wars to throw arms at.
  2. Eurovision's as a barometer of a Countries political standing on the world stage can never be undestimated. Germany were last. Is it 1939 again?
  3. Australian treachery. What happened to honour amongst thieves?
  4. Saw Crass 1980. Support act was the the crash helmets. They were not a band but a lively fifty sixty piece act steaming into the centre lead by blokes wearing crash helmets and carrying instruments to beat heads with to make sounds. Darker times ..
  5. Put it on your wanted fans poster.
  6. Hope not. Too much of that going on. Down with stuff because we dont like their stuff. But what for? A tradition. This what bans are for? How long? Ten years.? Lets ban the children first ...Their noisy. You can? When do you do this? Your going to have to be one hell of an architect of sound for YOU to be fantastic.
  7. Average? Metal Box? Average? Careering average? No 1-4-5 progressions there. Nothing sounded like that before. Poor Annie Nightingale never recovered from what Keith Levene did to that syth on the Whistle test. The most powerful performance she ever seen she reckoned. Wakes up in a cold sweat due to the torterous clanking. So do Prophet the synth makers. Saville was no joke .. The BBC interview ... The moral authority doctored it.
  8. Tedious and this year the self loathers have a new joke. "St George was Turkish and the Tories would have sent him to Rwanda". Moving on. I'm a proud England belongs to me man meself.
  9. Finally the Gases dress sense has caught up with 14th century. Happy St Georges day.,
  10. Not an answer to the question. And fans groups. Reprsenting more than some. With lots of shares in the FC. So why are they protesting? Because its not just about the friendly.
  11. Rangers fans do care thats why they are protesting. Unless its a careless protest. We can both agree thats unlikely. This does have to do with tradition. Its part of why the Huns are protesting isnt it?
  12. Do City play the Gas abroad? Celtic Rangers is a mite bigger mind. The rest is the sketch. The detail. If your not sure maybe you shouldnt be going its just a friendly. Demos every game now. Fans, history, tradition not mattering is super league thinking.
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