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  1. Surely it just makes sense to use the u23 fixtures as game time for first teamers not playing?
  2. I've read this 4 times and still don't understand it.
  3. I wouldn't quite go that far but definitely shows how strong the squad is.
  4. I dont think you can always see who has joined until after the 1st weeks points.
  5. Don't know which one you've tried but the one I posted is a number 0 not a capital 0.
  6. Will join it now. I set one up too a few days ago. So here is the join code for that one too - T14dVdxce02Sio-3ZVF_Uw
  7. As per title, fantasy league for Championship at www.gaffr.io I have set up a league. Feel free to join. More the merrier. Join code is: T14dVdxce02Sio-3ZVF_Uw
  8. He's either playing himself into Pearson's plans or adding a few 0s to his price tag. Either way, win win for us.
  9. Just glad I wasn't the only one who had made that assumption. Who knew there were so many Steve Walshes!
  10. What? Really? Steve Walsh is not Steve Walsh? Wow. I never knew either. I had a feeling Dave Rennie wasn't Dave Rennie but the Walsh one is news to me. Just glad Nigel Pearson is 'the Nigel Pearson' and not a different one like the on Talk Sport. Phew.
  11. Good lord. I've tried to just ignore all this but it sounds like Fordy just gave an opinion. No abuse. Just an opinion (probably shared by many) that he often didn't perform to his capabilities. He didn't use any abusive words or phrases (at least none that he has admitted on here). As Kalas said recently, people are allowed to have an opinion as long as a line isn't crossed. His attitude was to not go on social media to read it. Pato's is obviously to block the negative stuff. Can you just leave the petty argument now please? This thread is meant to be about the exciting beginning of a new chapter now men have gone. Are people being abusive if they say they are happy some of them have left the club cos they don't think they're good enough?
  12. I would hope and think it will be somewhere in the middle. We are crying out for some experienced leaders in the squad. I think we'll see 6-8 new signings and I think 4 or 5 will be between 25-30 year old experienced pros.
  13. And they need experience. All 8 over 24 years old I would suggest.
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