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  1. I went to both games, but the win at Highbury was the best - it was such a great occasion being our first match in the top flight for 60-odd years and to play so well in front of a massive crowd. Probably the most City fans I've seen at any away match (excluding Wembley). A few years ago I lived next door to an Arsenal fan and he said the match was still discussed amongst them because of the level of away support. The weather was perfect, it was just a perfect day.
  2. Re HNM he came from Monaco, a club competing in the Champions League, the equivalent here of a top half Prem team so it's not surprising the medical facilities aren't as good as what he was used to. I'm not saying there weren't issues but it's not comparing like with like. Given our record with injuries though it suggests something was wrong here.
  3. Yes, I used to have a dual deck with VHS and DVD, could copy to DVD from VHS with hardly any loss of quality, then the DVD could be read by a video editor on a PC and the output stored in any format you wanted (mp4 usually), gave excellent results
  4. I wasn't getting any revenue they just didn't like me using the material without asking permission, they said if I didn't remove them then I'd be blacklisted and the channel closed down, and that legal action was also possible, it was only old football highlights. It only happened when the Football League started using YouTube (2013?) I'd never had problems before then
  5. We haven't won a game since it opened
  6. I used to quite enjoy running mine through a video editor once in digital form as you can enhance the original by getting the colour, brightness and commentary volumes just right as well as cutting out bits you don't want.
  7. I digitised my old VHS tapes and put them on YouTube a few years ago, but once the Football League clubs started using it I started to get copyright warnings so closed the channel before things got serious
  8. I think the reason any penalty is generally applied the following season is because if the penalised club appeals to the law courts the case can run over to the start of the next season, if the result of the case affected which league they were in the league fixtures for the two leagues in question would be chaos, in fact they may not even be able to start until the appeal had been concluded.
  9. That's because we've sold any with profit in them already and are left with the ones nobody else wants (apart from Bents, Kalas and Massengo)
  10. They were great to watch but it was L1 whereas GJ's best team played in the Championship so I'd have to say that was a greater achievement
  11. All clubs are broke after this pandemic, Pearson's already been quoted as saying he's going to have to be 'creative' this window, ie he's not going to have much transfer money to spend
  12. He's cheap though and we're skint
  13. The squad's going to be smaller if as the Post says he's only bringing 5 in, that's ok so long as we don't pick up injuries like we have done recently.
  14. I was wrong about Simpson, although he's only on a short term deal and I'm not sure he'll be with us next season. Sess did start 9 games for Fulham when they went up but he wasn't a key player in the squad, and he's not our player anyway. Kalas is the only contracted player we've got with promotion experience in the Championship.
  15. I can't see him being given a season if we're in the relegation zone come Christmas
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