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  1. All forwards miss sitters sometimes, Martin and Weimann had four apiece before today so on track for 15 at the end of the season. Main problem is the scarcity of goals from midfield and defence.
  2. Remember that when Holden first took over we were top of the league for a while, new manager "bounce" doesn't always equate to long term success.
  3. Cooper as well when we were stuck in Div 3! At the time there were some people unhappy with both those managers just as now, some things never change.
  4. Can't see us getting anything other than defeat but I expect a decent performance, perhaps in the game for a while and going down 3-1. The feeling was so bad after the Forest game it might just give us the impetus to win at home next time, we weren't that bad generally just for the last 10 minutes or so and the substitutions didn't help, I wouldn't have picked COD or Palmer to see out a pressure situation. It may be a similar point in the season to the game we had at the end of a terrible run of results when GJ first took over in L1. I remember we reached the lowest point when 0-4 down to Chesterfield at home at HT. In the 2nd half the crowd got behind the team and we scored 2 goals to finish 2-4 when it looked like it could have been 0-7 or 8 earlier. After that we started a long unbeaten run and then got promoted the season after, here's hoping for similar now.
  5. I still don't understand why he lost form after we got promoted to Div 2. At the time people thought maybe he was just a great Div 3 player and couldn't make the step up but he showed at WBA he was just as good at that level, we really missed out there somehow.
  6. That was my second favourite away match after the Arsenal game the same season
  7. That tackle did turn out good but I don't like defenders going to ground in the box unless it's a desperate situation, it could easily have ended differently. Agree he was our best attacking threat though.
  8. Was good going forward but not so good defensively, needs to learn how to tackle as he's a bit lightweight in that situation. I suppose if he was good everywhere he wouldn't be playing for us.
  9. We desperately need Wells or Semenyo fit for this one or the attack picks itself unless we just play one up top
  10. More like missing Massengo, Wells and Semenyo
  11. The Millwall game echoed the problems we had last season where without certain key players we struggled. Massengo is a big miss, and not having Wells or Semenyo as well limited our attacking options. Players like Bakinson wouldn't normally be starting, we may have to accept that we're going to slip down the table as injuries mount, it's not the fault of the coaching staff.
  12. Before this he worked as assistant manager to Hollowhead at QPR and for Pulis as Boro but won't hold it against him, seems to be a solid character with a lot of knowledge of the game
  13. I saw Arsenal that season while I was a student in London and they were not boring, scored some great goals and had a mean defence, Charli George scored some spectacular goals
  14. Went there in the early/mid 90's, won 1-0 and it was the first time I'd seen Louis Carey think it might have been his league debut
  15. ashton_fan


    There's no such thing as a perfect keeper who never makes mistakes, I always used to rate Frankie but loads on here gave him stick. We can't seriously talk of getting rid of Bents every time he makes a mistake, we've seen keepers for England and the top teams in the Prem do it, it's part of the game.
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