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  1. Went there in the early/mid 90's, won 1-0 and it was the first time I'd seen Louis Carey think it might have been his league debut
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    There's no such thing as a perfect keeper who never makes mistakes, I always used to rate Frankie but loads on here gave him stick. We can't seriously talk of getting rid of Bents every time he makes a mistake, we've seen keepers for England and the top teams in the Prem do it, it's part of the game.
  3. Just shows we should never listen to the people on here when choosing new managers, another one people wanted was Paul Cook who's due for the chop at Ipswich if things don't improve
  4. We've had a lot more in Div 3 than in Div 2, eg between 1932 and 1965 we were in div 3 in all but 2 seasons, and in the time between Alan Dicks leaving (1980) and Gary Johnson's promotion team (2007) we only had 5 seasons in the 2nd tier, the rest were in the lower divisions. Why do people on here have it in for the Lansdowns after all they've done for the club, they're by far the best owners in the 50+ years I've been watching the team?
  5. We're a league higher, we were in L1 when he took over and the Championship was just a dream so we must have overtaken a lot more than have overtaken us
  6. I think most on here said a mid-table finish would be the goal this season, very few expected us to challenge at the top end of the table. Well, we are mid-table which means you win some and you lose some. It's unfortunate that none of the wins have been at home but in the main the team is performing as most expected. There is loads of room for improvement and we're still weak in a couple of positions but at least we're not in the relegation battle at this stage at least.
  7. The problems with injuries last season we're more to do with no proper pre-season, the last game of 19/20 was played on 22 July so difficult to compare with this season. Dean Holden was unfortunate, not sure how we'd cope now if Martin, Weimann, Baker etc were injured long term as happened last year
  8. Only 3 players cost them money, the rest were freebies and loans. I see Wes Burns was one of the new signings and they got rid of Cole Skuse and James Wilson. Some Ipswich fans are saying they have "the best squad in L1 history" and hope to get 100 points this season, they actually mention our title season and they hope to emulate that. Trouble is they've had no pre-season with most of the players so could take them until Christmas to work out their best eleven.
  9. Southampton went into administration because they could not repay their mortgage on the new statdium, nothing to do with the EFL. As for Derby there's a whole thread about lack of suitable punishment. Although they are a big club they are up for sale and financially very weak so unlikely to threat the EFL with an expensive legal case. The problem with EFL's FFP is that there are lots of grey areas (like stadium ownership), that's why court cases keep popping up.
  10. I believe Reading's foreign owners are well-financed, a bit different than dealing with, say Cheltenham Town or Newport County
  11. Non-league might, I think his contract has some time to run yet
  12. The EFL are fearful of legal action when dealing with the bigger clubs so tread more carefully
  13. Still pretty good though not being relegated for 108 years, and 70 for Everton!
  14. I remember he nearly scored in his first game for us. Sure he will get a few once he's broken his duck.
  15. Aren't Arsenal and Everton the only teams never to be relegated from the top division?
  16. Remember watching him play as a youngster for us up front, very skilful although not a prolific scorer at that age. He tended to come in if someone was injured although he had a good run of games just before he left. Played alongside John Galley usually, got his chance when Chris Garland was transferred. One of those who looked to have a bright future but it didn't work out due to injuries etc.
  17. You're right in saying he was a far from perfect manager who had his weaknesses, and it was right that he left when he did. On the other hand, he left for failing to get us promoted, there was never any danger of us getting relegated while he was in charge; how many other managers of BCFC can you say that about who have managed us in the 2nd tier? That's why I get annoyed by the people on here going completely over the top saying he's 'destroyed the club' etc when in fact it's just that they don't like him.
  18. You have to also give him credit for developing the young players who later went on to be sold for big money, Reid, Bryan and Kelly as well as the key players we still have like Weimann, Baker, Kalas, Bentley, Dasilva, O'Dowda, Semenyo, Massengo
  19. Problem is they don't know who's broken the rules until the following season so the additional points wouldn't relate to the current season with the added complication of clubs promoted/relegated from other leagues with different FFP rules from the Championship
  20. Surely that will only apply to UEFA competitions, our FFP is defined by the Football League?
  21. Keith was very skilful, a bit like David Noble. He got more game time after we offloaded Bobby Gould from memory but didn't play such a big part in the promotion year due to the emergence of Paul Cheesley. Remember his famous goal against Leeds in the FA Cup game at AG to make it 1-1 and go to a replay which we won at Elland Road.
  22. We need the win tonight, we haven't played anybody that good so far. I suspect when we play the likes of Fulham, WBA and Bournemouth we're going to concede a few. Signs of improvement but we don't want to slip into the bottom half this early on
  23. Perhaps NP is going to be a streaky manager like LJ and we'll win a few games on the bounce
  24. In previous games this season the opposition have allegedly been missing star players so I don't think this makes much difference. Unless we show dramatic improvement (here's hoping) it will be another defeat. I'm not expecting to see Vyner after his horror show at Boro, maybe Kalas at RB. Also think Massengo will be on at some point and maybe a start for Wells.
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