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  1. Watching that made me Dizzy............ Anyone under 45 can safely ignore this post
  2. pearl in the shell just noticed we have a duplicate already in river deep, mountain high
  3. I have written to DL about this. As one of the silent majority, I am not usually one to voice my concerns so publicly but after sitting and watching the club continue to shoot themselves in the foot this season, I felt the need to act. My letter is copied below; I'll let you know if I get a response. "As the supporters liaison officer, I am writing to you to inform you of my disappointment and anger at the short notice re-arrangement of the Notts County game to Good Friday. I am a long time season ticket holder and have made holiday arrangements for the second week of the Easter School holidays; planned for that week so I would arrive home in time to not miss the game. With the re-arrangement, I am now going to miss the match and it does make me seriously question the value of my season ticket for next year if this is the way the club values my custom. I buy a season ticket to save money on pay on the day; with this re-arrangement on top of a couple of other games I have missed for personal and work reasons, I don't see the value in a season ticket. Surely this decision could have been made months - or even weeks - ago? what has changed in the past couple of days to make this a viable date change now instead of earlier in the season? I also need to make you aware that this is the first time I have ever felt the need to get in touch with the club with a complaint. I am not one of the permanent whinge brigade; generally I have accepted the club's position on most issues or not really cared enough to get vocal about some poorly judged actions in the past. The club should be seriously concerned when long term supporters like me, who take the rough with the smooth and let the club get on with managing while I get on with supporting, are so genuinely disenfranchised with the way we are treated that, for the first time in many years, I am unlikely to renew a season ticket. Once I get into the habit of not going to Ashton Gate on a Saturday, it will become easier and easier to slip away. I really care about Bristol City but I no longer feel the club cares about me or my loyalty. I don't expect the game to be re-scheduled again as a result of this letter but I do expect the decision makers to really think through their decisions and consider the short and long term impact with a lot more diligence than they currently do. The short term impact for me is that I will be spending time with my 3 sons on holiday while City are playing Notts County and I will be rueing the money I spent on my season ticket - the short term impact for the club is that I won't buy a programme or a hot drink at half-time; the longer term impact is that there are 1 current and 3 potential future season ticket holders who may consider that casual supporting is a better option and that Saturday's don't involve visits to Ashton Gate."
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