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  1. Plus you'd hope he would have learned from the experience and handled it differently. To stay in the Prem now is difficult, look at Villa this and Fulham last season spent over £100m only to come back down. Be nice to actually be in that situation, rather than failing to make the playoffs every year.
  2. Browse the city TV site now and you'll see you will be able to buy the game or a season pass for all games. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/robins-tv/ make sure the vpn is enable otherwise you won't get the option of live games.
  3. Install 'opera' browser and in settings enable Vpn once you do this you'll be able to buy the games or season pass, watched it fine yesterday.
  4. Yep I agree, that player to get a goal at a crucial time, also would probably help Fam as it would take some of the pressure away from him. I do wonder whether Johnson feels there's enough goals between weimann, seymeno and Taylor to not require spending anymore money, could szmodics be that player to spot weimanns runs and in turn weimann bags 20 goals, who knows? But let's hope next May were not saying if only we'd had a goalscorer we'd have won automatic promotion!
  5. He missed the 2nd most big chances in the division last year from one of the stattos on twitter, he's a 15 goals a season striker we need to keep him in the squad and add/develop a 20 goal plus striker, maybe that guy is already here?
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