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  1. To be fair, Morrell and Nagy were both tipped to not be involved due to internationals. Dasilva is a worry and it would look like Palmer is on his way. Surely if we're willing to let Palmer go then Eliason is staying?
  2. Managed to login, now it's telling me it's only available in certain countries...
  3. Yup, been trying for 10 minutes and it won't even get me to the login screen now
  4. "Website cannot be reached" or "Website didn't send any data" Bloody typical Bristol City this.
  5. A point that is definitely worth making. I think the manor in which this appointment was made is what is frustrating for us as supporters. However, some perspective is sometimes needed and you rightly point out the financial squeeze that is likely to be felt by lower league clubs over the next year, at least. I think our frustration should now be channeled more towards improving future communication from the club and, hopefully, for them to understand that we live in a digital world so comments made by our owner on national radio and suggestive retweets by his son have real impacts. As for Holden, proof is in the pudding so let's see where we are by Christmas. For now, in Holden we trust!
  6. I thought the exact same thing. He nailed every point of frustration
  7. I feel like the first game of the season, that absolute smashing we got from Leeds, should have probably told us there and then that we were dreaming if we thought we'd be in and around playoffs come the end of the season
  8. Moved to the States in 2015 (New Orleans to be exact). Welcome aboard @Yank, you're in for a rough ride (and i'm just talking about the forum!). As others have asked, i'm intrigued what made you choose our beloved Bristol City? Like most, if not all, of us, we were born into it without much of a choice, so it's an interesting concept "picking" a team. Cheers!
  9. Does anyone know when we're likely to see our kit for next season? I thought we were expecting to see it shortly after they showed us the practice gear, but apparently not
  10. Has anyone got a link to the full interview?
  11. I almost want us to have a shit 90 minutes so that LJ can't come on afterwards and say "I was actually really happy with the last 10 minutes/first 10 minutes/middle 20 minutes/etc" Good results come about every now and then, but truth be told, the gulf between us and the top teams was apparent in the first game of the season against Leeds. We've just been in a glorified league position.
  12. I assume LJ's message to the players is - "don't let up, it's your position to lose so keep proving you deserve to start". I don't mind this as it should keep any feathers being ruffled with the old players and hopefully acts as some extra motivation for the new boys to fight for their place in the squad, not to rely on their market value buying them a place! COYR!
  13. Don't know much about Maddison but doesn't appear that he's a pleasure to work with given reports coming out of Peterborough... Who know's though.
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