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  1. Thought you may have said; Bring Johnson Back
  2. I suppose that makes me and a fair number of us on here Fulham fans tomorrow night!
  3. Claudio Ranieri - that’ll do me
  4. I think I speak for quite a lot of people here - can you just ‘do one’. Most aren’t interested in anything you have to say and calling out KITR like this is just childish. Many of us are interested in what the likes of both KITR and Harry have to say and don’t need the likes of you being all bitter and twisted. Just because they have ties with the club is no reason to be jealous...the information they’re given and pass on may not always come to fruition, that’s life especially in this industry - most are grateful for their insights.
  5. Wouldn’t get your hopes up of finding out anything soon...Bristol Sport are still refusing to refund tickets for individual Basketball games when the season was cancelled 10 days ago!!!
  6. Bentley Pereira - Kalas - Benkovic - Dasilva Nagy - Smith - Massengo Palmer Afobe - Wells This is the team I’d like to see although not sure we should start like that away from home...maybe move to that in the last 30 mins and start Diedhiou instead of Afobe (as not to risk him - too much, too soon) and Paterson for Palmer (that could transition to a 4-4-2)
  7. I wouldn’t class not taking payment for a product they cant guarantee to provide as doing anything.
  8. Initially I was in the same camp as you as I’m fortunate enough to also forego a refund...but I’ve since changed my mind. The club, business, operating company (call them want you will) aren’t showing any thought or empathy for anyone but themselves. There are many out there who aren’t as fortunate as us and that’s what should form the basis of their actions; this though is far from their minds. Several people will have bought tickets for individuals matches and in groups costing a fair bit...watching football at Ashton Gate without a season ticket isn’t cheap and they aren’t being given
  9. I know this is a football forum but Bristol Sport are treating fans of other sports appallingly too. Was due to go to a Flyers game in early April - just a one off game for 5 of us costing £120 ish, don’t have season tickets, etc - and the business (Bristol Sport) are flatly refusing to refund tickets for this or any of the cancelled fixtures. Absolutely shocking...seems they are taking customer service advice from Michael O’Leary or Tim Martin. Like others, I’ve paid for my football season tickets in full and am not sure what they can say at this stage although it would be nice for th
  10. No so good with crosses though, or so I’ve heard.
  11. Had a coffee in Nerja a couple of years ago; Norman Hunter was sat at the next table. Such a shame I’m too young to have seen the great man play for us
  12. I went to school with Steve Phillips, he was in the year below. We lived in the same village played footy at the local park and in his back yard. Still remember the save he made when we played at St Johns as a 9 year old, you could tell then he was going to be decent.
  13. Keep reading this title as DigerDiedhiou - like the Aussie Aboriginal instrument. This could be my new nickname for him...not used Dave and its much better!
  14. An interesting dilemma, Weimann won’t give their defence a moments peace / rest...do you let him do that for 60 mins and then bring on Nahki? He should be able to torment an already tired / fatigued, both physically and mentally, defence. We are now starting to have quality options everywhere, even more so if / when Afobe returns...great problems to have @Olé - as always, great write up
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