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  1. I am so deflated by this appointment. It reminds me of when Tony Fawthorp got the job. (I hope I am wrong).
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12205839/bristol-city-chris-hughton-robbie-fowler-new-manager/
  3. Southern Kentucky. Been here for 30+ years.
  4. All the best Lee. Had some great times watching City with you, but this was a necessary decision.
  5. https://bristol-roversfc.co.uk/4NQE-TR5T-2PGKI5-NCM9E-1/c.aspx
  6. Never understood how Paisley and Cloughie didn't get a knighthood.
  7. News like this puts football in perspective. Best wishes for a speedy recovery young lady.
  8. Good luck David. Wish you nothing but the best.
  9. Sad news. Peter Cormack was a very cultured midfielder for us and scored some vital goals in our fight to avoid relegation in that first season in the top flight. Sincere best wishes to you and your family as you fight this terrible disease.
  10. Haven't seen a game like that before. Oh wait, yes I have.
  11. According to the Gas when they were leading last night: Oh well, better cancel that bus.
  12. Who are the gas playing?
  13. Anyone who buys a season ticket to watch the gas.
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