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  1. Fingers crossed Madrid smash them on the pitch!
  2. I’d totally agree that he’s much better at finding unknown talent, as his time at leicester proved. Before he went to Everton he’d already identified Gana gueye as a replacement for Kante, and ended up signing him for Everton for 7m. Although his time there was pretty much a disaster, I don’t think we can judge him too much on his time at Everton because Koeman wanted a lot of those big money signings that didn’t work out. Everton are still paying the price for those poor signings.
  3. Hey guys and gals... whose up for a party? https://fb.me/e/1fYdf2X7L
  4. Agree with this from SL- “Mark has been an integral part of what we have created over the last few years He certainly has!
  5. Excellent work. I’ve loved Idles for years, way before they got big. I was at the 6 music gig when Lamacq was there, it was a free gig. Took a couple of mates... who thought they were shite
  6. Bentley loves a mistake in home games. Just play Max in home games, and Bentley in away games... sorted
  7. Just employ NP to sit in the stand and stare at them.... nothing else needed
  8. It’s clear from this interview that the new head coach will have a huge mess to sort out, possibly worse than we all first thought. If the club didn’t already know it then they should now, that this is not a job for an up and coming coach. Whoever comes in must not only have managed at this level with a decent record, it’s got to be someone who’s gonna get respect from these players, because most of them don’t seem to give a shit.
  9. My thoughts are that your on drugs
  10. So MA is trusted to put together an initial list for SL to select from.... great!
  11. What a truly horrendous list of options
  12. Gotta be a no then! We can’t have people kicking off and talking back to the messiah
  13. But is she a good human being??
  14. Well I hope he is fed up, because we’re all fed up of his crap managerial choices. This is his and the boards doing
  15. I’ve got nothing again Holden, he’s seems a decent bloke but I don’t feel sorry for him. He knew full well when he got the job that the fans didn’t want him in charge, and as soon as results started to go downhill he would be instantly under huge pressure.
  16. Just seen the press conference for Everton’s FA cup game on Sky. Lucas Digne fit and available to play after torn ankle ligaments along with fractured ankle that happened in November. Takes me back to when Andre Gomes had his ankle snapped in half and was back playing in the same season 112 days later. Makes our injury situation look laughable!
  17. Gives me hope that he got the manager thing all wrong
  18. Nah... he’ll bully JL into doing the press conference
  19. It’s a bit coincidental that they both have, so something must be going on. Either fed up with being pestered, or because they know what’s coming and wanna avoid the chaos
  20. I may be wrong, but it looks like Tinnion has taken himself off Twitter aswell now
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