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  1. Gives me hope that he got the manager thing all wrong
  2. Nah... he’ll bully JL into doing the press conference
  3. It’s a bit coincidental that they both have, so something must be going on. Either fed up with being pestered, or because they know what’s coming and wanna avoid the chaos
  4. I may be wrong, but it looks like Tinnion has taken himself off Twitter aswell now
  5. LJ’s mood right now reading the comments on twitter
  6. I may be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that after Pompey his preference was to work back up north to be closer to his home. If that is the case and he does get the job, it makes you wonder if that could become an issue.
  7. He hasn’t got a clue, just picking numbers out of the air. His only source of info is coming from other journalists, he’s well out of the loop
  8. Jim White is an absolute whopper who likes to think he’s in the know. I don’t particularly want SG, but at the same time I wouldn’t believe anything that Jim White or Talksport say.
  9. Yeah I was thinking the same
  10. Not that I have much faith in SL to appoint a decent manager, but jeez I’m glad the OTIB crew aren’t selecting the new manager. Stuart Pearce... Nigel Clough... Steve McClaren!!
  11. LJ won’t be going anywhere even with another of his long losing runs. SL’s loyalty to the Johnson’s seems to override the bigger picture of results on the pitch. Even when it came to sacking GJ it was all done nicey nicey with a press conference (when does that ever happen for a sacking?) It all seems too comfortable for LJ, never get the impression he’s under much pressure from the board.
  12. Free stream here once you’ve clicked away the ads. https://www.worldcupstream.me/saracens-vs-bristol-live/stream-1
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