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  1. 45 secs in 'obviously I didn't go to the game' Loyal and true. Clowns
  2. Step forward Joey, you know the drill.
  3. Well, that's Star Wars ruined for me.
  4. Now City know where to place any further advertising campaigns. The 'free' online advertising by gas outrage alone must generate some publicity. Good work sags.
  5. Hopefully it'll be there isn't gonna be one and by the way we've gone into administration.
  6. A long time Chippenham Town fan. RIP Derek.
  7. Nah, that's the debt collectors calling
  8. It's like a scene from the walking dead.
  9. Are these the opening shots to a long drawn out expensive court case? Let's hope so.
  10. I hope his dad isn't gonna drive that car with that amount of drink in him.
  11. I'm almost embarrassed for him..... Almost
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