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Community Answers

  1. Message Tom by personal messenger
  2. Remember not all tickets are released for sale initially
  3. Just announced that she is leaving her role in 2022 Six part series later this year and then three one off specials in 2022 Whether is was her acting or the writing or probably a combination of both, this series is feeling like it has run out of ideas now
  4. Interesting one as he is still in Croatia but Villa's first league game is only two weeks after they play us, they only have one more friendly after us, I would have thought that they would be giving him game time by now
  5. 100% this, notice the two emails you use are very similar. I would guess you have gone in under the wrong one I'm pretty sure @TomF can merge them into one Question is which account do you want to use?
  6. Ah, I missed that I guess it could be a postal problem rather than not being sent out by the club
  7. One day to go until what?
  8. Good to keep reminding of the link
  9. Curious why they should be pushing for CL qualification every year? The Scottish leagues are a terrible standard and Celtic consistently get dumped out of these qualification stages, it's hardly a one off
  10. 13,500 +900 away fans +1100 potd I'm going high 15,000s
  11. Thank you for everyone's advice Electrician came and eventually worked out there was a problem with two of my lights, as I am in a downstairs flat he is going to have to come back and rewire from light to light switch
  12. We sent Blackpool an initial allocation of 1,000 tickets, but they can have up to 2,600 in total, apparently the EFL confirmed we can go up to full capacity at Ashton Gate.
  13. or maybe a link in the chain for new investors?
  14. I'm a bit intrigued why we have only given Villa 1,000 tickets These sold out in 7 minutes when on sale and they took 3,500 to Stoke last week with many around the home stands Have heard from many that I know that have bought tickets in home sections and have seen discussions on a Villa forum where many are claiming they have tickets in the home end I assume the club are not cancelling purchases for new members or those not from the area (though possibly difficult knowing how many live this way), it just amazes me that the club are potentially creating a problem for Saturday afternoon mixing supporters around the ground
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