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  1. Their chairman is also taking 500 supporters on holiday to Turkey He's trying very hard to win the supporters back after previous regimes
  2. Exactly the point I failed to make last night, some people really don't want to see the facts for what they are
  3. Noticed the new England cricket one day shirt is for sale at £95 - crazy pricing
  4. Point completed missed again Anyway my last post tonight. For anyone who missed sky coverage tonight
  5. Good to see the other Everton fans diffuse the situation
  6. Why are you twisting what was said? The reference was to someone carrying a blade
  7. Don't disagree agree with you, but IT IS A MINORITY How many have celebrated on the pitch the past few days and how many have played up
  8. On the basis that's never happened anywhere in the world its a very extreme example to use Have they swapped the supporters ends?
  9. Random to say I'd be the first to complain It won't happen, typical over reaction, yes it's appalling but keep it in context
  10. Let's not over react too much, fortunately it's only happened at a few end of season games with a small minority of people, it's not every week or every month.
  11. Can see the headlines already Swindon players swapping punches at the entrance near the tunnel
  12. Massive club or tiny club its a crap following considering the context of the game
  13. Went to Goodison Park with a West Ham supporting mate not that long ago Apart from Arkells pub before the game it's a real dump of a ground, no interest in going back there again
  14. Maybe, but considering Prem survival could hang on the game, you only have to look at the crowds in all the play off matches how poor it is. Didn't sell top tier
  15. Shocking following from Burnley at Villa tonight, top tier is empty
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