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Community Answers

  1. Indeed it is https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/potters-clash-picked-for-sky-sports-broadcast/
  2. Can remember when she was going through her pregnancy, it sounded absolutely horrific One positive is that with her position she is able to raise awareness to others
  3. Did we really have a picture of a Cardiff player on the front of our program this evening?
  4. Never noticed this page before https://www.bcfc.co.uk/travel/
  5. It appears that they are as baffled as we are
  6. Agree 100% about the ending
  7. Fantastic appointment and fully deserved Just a shame he was appointed manager those years back as everything else associated with the club has turned to gold In my time of watching city probably only him and Scott Murray I could call real legends of the club
  8. Very kind gesture Hopefully they will be put to good use and the charity receive a good donation
  9. It is a tricky one Of course a reaction is throw the book at him, but was it actually any worse than just giving the ref verbals? Is it worse than the abuse that Warnock gives? or like Fergie gave in the past? He was unlucky that the moment was recorded and circulated hundreds of thousands of times on social media To me, he should have made a public apology to the ref etc (lets be honest he doesn't have to actually mean it) and left it at that I'm still not really sure what the other guy near the end of the video was doing, if he was just a committee member and not a member of the backroom staff he may actually end up in bigger trouble for going onto the pitch etc Anyway, City are back this weekend so we all worry about BS3 from now on
  10. If these are still available it is a great way to get youngsters involved My sister has used this scheme in the past and also applied for later in the season and take my niece and others from her U14 football club. They now watch the City womens side regularly and the mens team when they can afford to on the back of this scheme
  11. Is there any screen shots of this - could be very amusing PS Assume you realise they are the same company, which would explain the shodyness
  12. @elhombrecito I hope you have seen "knock knock"
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