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  1. A few of the different you tube channels have struggled with their graphics recently Can't believe the arrogance of the commentary team
  2. Jeez this commentary team is doing my head in Constantly mumbling but hardly mentioned tonight's game
  3. Good news that Pollard is out for the rest of the season
  4. Do "Bristol City FC" actually benefit financially?
  5. The best bit is how the other "alleged" couple there that night never get mentioned...
  6. Decent live segment on sky news at the moment, from St George's Park all the squad are meeting the various sports channels live
  7. So this afternoon Ashley is claiming he kept a small number of shares in Newcastle His name is also now being muted as sniffing around investing in Sheffield Utd This could get more interesting still yet
  8. Brilliant photo shared by Somerset this afternoon
  9. https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/now_and_next.asp?zipcode=glastonbury&locationID=57455&lat=51.1&lon=-2.7
  10. As I said to my then wife, we won't need wellies Only to literally see every other person on the train down either carrying or wearing wellies I got sun stroke and soaked that year
  11. Ticketmaster have a specialist area at the ground you will need to head to
  12. Amazes me that these things are booked so far in advance yet create their own problems by issuing tickets so late
  13. That is one heck of a price increase
  14. Possibly, but wouldn't be the first player to stay training with a club even though they weren't staying
  15. Giggs has officially left his position as Wales Manager
  16. Interesting photo from the day
  17. Sainsburys car park is the designated pick up point
  18. Hoping he doesn't burn out, pre season starts very soon
  19. What a contrast to this afternoon, great bowling today
  20. Mate Graham has it, will be back on Thursday
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