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  1. It's a yes from me.
  2. Brighton caller on 5 live congratulating us on appointing CH a short while ago. Was expecting the thread to have been changed to CONFIRMED. Presenters ABB and Chris Sutton didn't say it hadn't been done.....
  3. I like to go down in the box area.
  4. Me too. Let's get promoted in style.
  5. Just reporting what they said. Maybe the new club has reached a deal with Huddersfield already. Who knows.
  6. 5 live suggesting they have a new club lined up.
  7. What happens when the guy in the middle of a row needs a Jimmy? Everyone in that row (one side only of course) has to exit that row also? If so where do they go?
  8. Sound is shockingly poor.
  9. I make it 13..... with Taylor and Moore
  10. Entertainment please. Watching an LJ side has been mind numbing.
  11. Has the new manager sanctioned his exit?
  12. If only we had a Lee Tomlin type player
  13. We are garbage under LJ.
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