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  1. Rovers making a lot of signing early on in the window. Speaking to a gashead, apparently Wael unfortunately lost his father recently so he's got more money to put into the club. Get the impression they're also working with the MRKT Insights team. I know @Davefevs and I briefly mentioned them on another thread. With MRKT Insight's assistance and an increase in spending when others around them might struggle due to less income, could they be looking at a decent 2020/21 campaign?
  2. Some good points here. A DoF can help create a structure from top down regarding how we want to play on the pitch and the coaching staff we want to lead that. This can provide a more recognisable style of play so we look less like individuals and more like a team, as you say. Often clubs who work with a head coach have a DoF in place to ensure continuity in the playing and coaching staff so if a star player is sold they're ready to sign a like for like replacement, or if their manager goes they have an idea of who they want to get in because they match their ideas regarding transfers, on pitch
  3. There's plenty of speculation and hype that we've built up about getting Hughton that if we went for someone else I could see a bit of a backlash from the fan base. Of course on paper he's an attractive option but maybe it's worth considering if we go for someone else less 'proven' it could still be a successful choice. Consider the managers of the top 6 this season: Bielsa - came with a great reputation but this had come from coaching rather than winning silverware. Also never managed in England Bilic - arguably the most 'proven' with relative success with West Ham in the p
  4. Sorry, Major, it's not a good argument for me. Barcelona have been a state for a couple years and Messi's carried them massively. Ronaldo has 'tested/ proved himself' by going to a dominant Juventus side that had won 7 league titles back to back prior to his arrival. Even this year, 31 goals is impressive but considering 40% of them (rounding up) are penalties it takes the shine off. Messi the greatest for me but how privileged we are to have both right now!
  5. I know it isn't finalised but there's been a lot of talk about Hughton. I think he could love Massengo. His teams always seem disciplined off the ball and are organised when pressing. Han-Noah isn't a creative type there to get assists but he does press the ball well and I think he could be good in transition both running with the ball and finding team mates with a pass. I'm sure like everyone else he'd look better with better movement from the rest of the team, something we've struggled with all season I think. In short, I'm still hopeful we've got a lot of talent there. But.. let's app
  6. Agree. E.g. if it's 20k per week + a hefty bonus if we go up, different story and as you say more viable. We'll see!
  7. Can't see us paying 50k a week for Gerrard to come here. Rubbish I think.
  8. Quite a few people already calling for the prem and EFL to reject the option of 5 subs. Can't imagine Man City's, Fulham's etc with the biggest and best squads in the league will vote against that
  9. I find it crazy the disrespect Lansdown gets. I'm sure he's not perfect and has made mistakes but we are so lucky to have him. The money and time he's put into developing our football club and our city is tremendous and I'm sick of hearing bull like this.
  10. As someone who's worked in analytics in football I'm aware of their work and I totally agree they're fantastic! It'll be interesting to see how Swansea progress and how much success they get from the multi club networks they want to set up. They're always really complimentary about The City Group and how they use their network of clubs.
  11. Good example, I'm sure on the Man City Amazon Prime documentary Aymeric Laporte was highlighted by Txiki Begiristain and the recruitment team to Pep. That's where having a proper structure in place is so important. Begiristain has worked with Pep previously, knows his style and what he wants. They can work to find the correct players for the club. Johnson's lack of a clear style of play probably made recruitment more difficult. Equally, I don't think Ashton is free of blame either. More and more clubs are looking to settle on a strategy for on the pitch performance and off th
  12. I think the content on twitter, you tube etc has really raised the profile of the club. Goal gifs on Twitter and a mic'd up coaching session from LJ on YouTube are two examples where we've been innovative and it's raised our profile. Ashton and LJ have also done more radio interviews and such that have put us on the radar more I think. As others have mentioned, LJ being notably innovative in his methods and the resultant sales of players to premier league clubs has helped this, as a couple examples
  13. Agree that diving and feigning injury is wrong and that's an issue. I'm not justifying that. But you say it's gone soft etc but that's because players aren't protected properly if they stay on their feet. Players going down when fouled to protect themselves and also ensure that the technical and tactical aspects are more present in the game results in better football which I think the majority enjoy more. Far from embarrassing or the game being gone. Probably one of the reasons football's watched and played more than rugby!
  14. First of all totally agree, massively enjoyed it. Just a great story and sense of nostalgia. With regards to the 'softer' approach on the pitch, I see your point but you could say that about basketball as well. A lot of what I've heard, read etc has said Basketball isn't as rough and tumble as it used to be, it's now stricter on fouls etc. I think Dennis Rodman said LBJ wouldn't have survived in the 80s/90s for example. Obviously with diving it's more obvious and none of us like seeing it but in fairness players are forced into going down easy these days which is part of the reaso
  15. I don't believe Robbored is a city fan until it's on the official site
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