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  1. I don't necessarily disagree that media, regardless of their position on the political spectrum, exaggerate headlines for clicks. Though in fairness, The Guardian didn't say that it nearly caused deaths. Louise Casey who undertook the investigation made that claim and The Guardian just reported it.
  2. Gutted to say it's a really good appointment, especially if he moves upstairs at the end of the season with Poch coming in
  3. How is Cotts only a 7/10 ?!?!
  4. Just watched the finale. Good series. Really enjoyed it.
  5. Yeah I've really enjoyed it. The main 7 characters are unique from one another but I'm rooting for each one of them.
  6. Thankbox: Group card & gift collection used one of these at work which might be suitable?
  7. CheddarReds


    Looks like we best get this thread over to the classics section
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. So, I'm sure you would want Nige, like anyone else, to be treated well by his employers.
  9. I hope your employers don't share you mindset if you ever have to have prolonged time off work for health reasons
  10. CheddarReds


    Just seen Big Sam walking out of KFC with a boneless banquet box meal and a pint of gravy????
  11. I'd like us to get a winger in. Run out of patience with CO'D but feel we're missing balance as Semenyo and CO'D feel the only natural options and both have been injured of late. Pring, Palmer, Scott, Weimann can play there but it doesn't feel as comfortable to me. Going back to when we signed Wells, I've felt that creating chances and progressing the ball is a bigger issue than actually finishing the chances and I hope this would help address that. Also, I want to see something exciting after a poor couple seasons and it'd be great to see a winger that can make something out of nothing for us rather than the opposition! Wouldn't want to say how realistic it is (Shakespeare link?) but Jaden Philogene-Bidace from Villa might be an option on loan. 8 goal involvements in 1,018 minutes in 20/21 and 5 goal involvements in 225 minutes so far in 21/22 suggest he is ready for a test away from PL2. However he's barely getting around the first team for Villa who have played with wing backs frequently this season, and if that's something they continue with I imagine that would limit his opportunities too.
  12. I bet Ashton loved talking about the Feng Shui of the RHPC
  13. Did you go to the Man Utd home game? We essentially played with 2 false 9's that game in Reid and Paterson. As you mentioned, a benefit can be that a 3rd man run can be effective to get beyond the forwards into dangerous areas which is exactly what happened for both our goals that night. So I'm surprised you feel that players in that role steal a living given that night! Here's LJ discussing that: Coaches' Voice | Lee Johnson (coachesvoice.com)
  14. CheddarReds


    The emoji is often used to communicate that you think someone is attractive. So in the context it seems that Downsey is saying that about the rugby players. I think some people are frustrated because they feel that if a straight male employee did the same thing about female Bristol Sport athlete's the straight employee's post would be challenged on it more seriously. However, I doubt many men are actually offended by Downsy being attracted to the rugby players, as I think @Fordy62 is saying.
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