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  1. I think it's great to see Foster work with other You Tubers to create content, as well as the more specific insight into elite level football you mentioned. He's bonkers but seems really likeable. Re the bottom question, I think people criticising Foster for any vlogging after a defeat need to remember footballers are human. If you or I had a tough day at work making time for a hobby in the evening could make the prospect of the next day's work a lot brighter. I'm sure footballer's are no different and Foster filming behind the scenes stuff and his own hobbies (regardless of result) in itself helps reiterate footballers are as human as the rest of us. Edit - I've seen some of Foster's You Tube videos but not listened to his podcast. Any good?
  2. The phone line broke up a couple times so I might have missed something but here's the bulk of what Nige said: - says Mark Sykes has the qualities he wanted. That is that Sykes has something to prove and is ambitious. - 4 players have been told they aren't in the plans here. Nige said these players need to make a career choice to stay and pick up a wage without game time or go and play. Says the club don't encourage them sitting and picking up a wage. Wells isn't one of them. - says he's slightly behind where he hoped on the 3 year curve. NP said it's been a tough year but that the work that's happened this year will pay dividends. - Said if we are serious about making a cultural change it has to have a lasting effect. Thus, what's important for his role is that we move in the right direction rather than the prem in three years. - he is delighted with how we've developed as an attacking team, but not the defensive side as a team! He doesn't want pats on the back for the progress so far, rather he acknowledges the progress and work left to do. - Nige says it's been satisfying and rewarding for the coaching staff to see the availability of Martin and Weimann this season - Injury length has reduced, availability up. Says Joe Williams has been available for 70% of the year, and that we're much more likely to win or draw with him in the side. Said Joe is a good player and a nutcase who has worked hard to get back to where he is. - Says Semenyo is self-aware, is ambitious, a good listener who is receptive, studies his own game, doesn't waste time and energy when injured and this is why his development has blossomed over the season. Says he has the natural tools, but his finishing is improving and he practices in a professional way. He says he'd be disappointed if we weren't worried about losing him and in time we'll have decisions to make about him. However, it'd have to be the right deal for us and he hopes Semenyo will be here next season. - Nige says an aggressive and tight culture at Luton is a reason for their success. He says this will be achieved when we hit targets of wage bill and people know what their job is and where they sit. Says Luton might drop next year as the players and agents will cash in on a good season and this is the reality of it, so it might not last. However he focuses on us rather than focusing on Luton or anyone else. - Nige bans Sky Sports in his house so he can relax! - he says our identity is being formed now and next year we will be competitive and better than we were this year just gone. - to our fans he says: he will try and keep fans updated in a realistic way but this won't be with speculation and there's a lot of fake news in football. Overall it was nice to hear a manager who's down to earth and direct. If he doesn't want to answer, he is comfortable to say that and explain why, or Re O'Dowda he simply said we thank CO'D but it's time for change. So refreshing to hear that interview following plenty of buzz phrases from Ashton and a lesser extent Johnson.
  3. Fair play Rangers. I watched the Roma vs Leicester game, Tammy did well which was nice to see.
  4. It's the best performance n a City shirt I can remember from Williams. He looked like the player I thought we were signing. Lots of energy and talking, good range of passing, well anticipated pressing, doesn't shirk a 50/50. Great to see. Well done Joe.
  5. Every week we turned up expecting to comfortably win the game in style. What a great season.
  6. Huddersfield - have been in the play off places throughout the season. Potentially an advantage they've played more than other sides. I tend to prefer having points on the board than games in hand. Could mean their squad are less burnt out come play off time. Luton - have had a couple spells of strong form. Do they have enough to stay there until the end of the season or have they peaked too soon? Forest - hard to ignore with their games in hand and recent form. A comprehensive win away at Blackpool in today's early kick off. One of my favourites (yes I would have said that before today!) Sheff Utd - despite some injuries to important players still a really strong squad. M'Boro - a game in hand, Wilder and Knill doing their stuff but a Boro supporting friend remains unconvinced by Balogun and Connolly . Blackburn - fallen out the pack after a poor 2022 thus far. Any possibility of a resurgance? Still enough games for other teams to get back amongst it. West Brom's form has turned and they've got a lot of quality. Haven't put a lot of thought into it really but what are your thoughts? Who do we fancy to make the play offs (and go up)? Always a great time of the year when the weather turns and you get the fight for the play off spots.
  7. Hopefully the issues with WorldPay are sorted by the day season tickets go on sale so we can actually buy them!!
  8. Weimann - POTY Scott - YPOTY Weimann's volley to win it at Cardiff away - Champagne moment
  9. In general I think the idea that an employee doesn't need motivating from time to time by their employers is barmy, and why should footballers be any different? They're still susceptible to similar feelings towards work and life as any of us would be.... Having said that, it's very rare you'll get players who reach Championship standard of football without having a lot of commitment and determination. Many of us would argue that their wages and the opportunity to do what most of them love for their employment should be enough on it's own too. So, as usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. You can't expect a footballer to have tunnel vision and be 100% motivated all the time, they're human beings not robots. Cristiano Ronaldo is an exception to the norm... but if they always need extra motivation because they consistently lack desire and heart to do the basics for the side that's also a problem. I think NP thinks we've got a couple in the squad that are the latter and this is where it's hard to justify having those types in the squad. He's been patient and protected them over the last few weeks when we're giving away cheap goals. Maybe this is simply a different form of motivation which might kick a couple of the squad into action. Nige has a difficult job to do but progress is being made. Let's stay patient and acknowledge the bigger picture rather than be so reactive after each game.
  10. They did specifically state that even only 3 appearance's at Prem level is too many so it wouldn't surprise me if they excluded him even due to those handful of Ligue 1 and CL appearances. But yes you make a good point, it feels like he's been around for a while and should be older than he is!
  11. Can't wait to watch this. Love the Not the Top 20 guys, think they strike a great balance between a personable and entertaining combo but well researched and considered opinions. They explained there are some criteria that players have to hit to be included, including: - no prem loanees - no players with a handful + prem appearences. While they didn't specify anything about foreign top divisions or the Champions League, I'm guessing with HNM making some Champions League and Ligue 1 appearances could be the reason behind his omittance.
  12. After looking at his dad's Twitter I actually felt quite sorry for Zach.
  13. Thought he had a fairly long contract? Won't have been a cheap option. Some odds on their next manager:
  14. 2-0. Cardiff get battered...
  15. Man Utd 2-1 and Walsall 8-2 both at home are really memorable ones. Loved the Palace play off semi-final at the Gate too.
  16. Just your typical Express headline that's been written to scare people and get themselves a click. 1,226 as a % of 296m is 0.0004. Considering such a low risk, especially as the Gov. state most of the cases are mild, I am happy (as someone who that article states is in the most at risk group of myocarditis from vaccination) that the benefits of the vaccine comprehensively outweigh the risks. Anyway, this is the football side of the forum so back to that.
  17. Great just to be playing entertaining football again
  18. Shot for shot potentially they can be useful which was my point but I agree. I'm not advocating the use of them specifically in this scenario, more explaining how, like you have, that many of the goals Max has conceded aren't necessarily down to poor shot stopping ability and that the stat presented on it's own doesn't tell the full story. Same with a small sample of xG.
  19. this stat doesn't really tell us a lot on it's own though. Yesterday we conceded two goals from set pieces from less than 6 yards out. Similarly, Cardiff's first, Mitrovic's headers, Millwall's two goals are all ones where the scorer has had a good opportunity and you can't expect O'Leary to save them. This is where looking at the video and xG of the chances the opposition have scored from is useful. A lot of the goals we've conceded Max shouldn't be expected to save. However, watching them back it's obvious as a defensive unit we can't keep giving away soft goals from set pieces and mistakes in and around our box. So I'm not convinced having Bentley in goal changes that statistic much either way.
  20. It's nice to be looking up the table. In previous seasons our results against the bottom handful of teams has let us down but this season we've got a great record. Hope it continues. Luton next which will be a tough one.
  21. Not justifying the bottle throwing, but why the increase in players celebrating in front of S82? Neither Austin or Collins got a hounding prior to them giving it large in front of the home fans. Not a complaint, it's all banter really, (bottles and similar aside) but it seems more common? Just find it a bit weird
  22. Yes. I suppose you could take (most) of what I've said about Semenyo and say it about Pring, for example.
  23. Never understand how fans could boo a key player in the double winning team. At times we've missed him since he's left. Happy that today wasn't one of those times.
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