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  1. He felt much more relatable I thought. Might just be biased though!
  2. What a player Ramos has been over the years. 5 La Liga's, 4 Champions Leagues, 2 European Championships and 1 World cup! Originally I thought I could see him at Roma myself, but I thought his relationship with Jose was in a bad place when Jose left RM?
  3. Tonight's performance might change this!
  4. Good game that Scotland one. Kalas got plenty of mentions. Stunning strike by Schik
  5. Glad to see Locatelli force his way into the national team for the Euro's and get a start today. Really classy player, surprised he isn't linked with bigger clubs more often.
  6. In fairness these days you're talking about physically stronger players playing at a faster pace on a more crisp surface at a much higher intensity with similar or seemingly less time to recover between games so you're bound to end up with injuries, muscular or impact. However research that took place between 2001 - 2019 found that at elite clubs (1) the incidence of injuries in training and competition has decreased over the past 18 years; (2) the relapse injury rate has also decreased and (3) the players’ availability to participate in training and games has increased.
  7. There's a fantasy football if anyone is interested Fantasy Football | Overview | UEFA EURO 2020 | UEFA.com
  8. I'm not having a dig at them, only say it in jest!
  9. Looking forward to the Liverpool fans' 'scouse not English' tweets if Trent misses out
  10. I'm biased because I've been self-appointed head of his fan club since he scored that screamer against us but how good was Reece James?! Sterling didn't get a kick. Chilwell won the majority of his individual duels as well. Good full back options for the euro's.
  11. My predictions in Red Bristol City F.C. 1) What will be City's final league position? 9th x 2) How many points will City get this season? 66 x 3) Will City score 60 (or more) League goals this season? Yes x 4) Will City concede 60 (or more) League goals this season? Yes 1 5) Who will finish as City's top scorer? Nahki Wells 2 6) How many League goals will City's top scorer (whether the player named in Q5 or ano.) get? 17 x 7) Who will finish as City's 2nd top scorer? Diedhiou 3 8 - How many goals will City's 2nd top scorer (whether the player named in Q7 or ano.) get? 11 x 9.) How many academy graduates will make their City debuts this season in League or Cup competitions? 2 x 10) Will Liam Walsh make 20 (or more) League appearances for City this season? Yes x 11) Will Joe Morrell make 20 (or more) League appearances for City this season? Yes x 12) Will Chris Brunt make 20 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 4 13) Will Jonny Smith be recalled to AG in January? No 5 14) Will City sign a striker in the January window? No 6 15) Will Callum O'Dowda still be contracted to City on the last day of the season? Yes 7 16) Who will be City's player of the season? Jamie Paterson x 17) In which month will fans be allowed back in to Ashton Gate? January x 18) Looking at the fixtures, who will be the opponents that day? PNE x 19) What will City's Official average League attendance be this season to the nearest thousand? 8k x 20) In which round will City be knocked out of the Carabou Cup? 3rd 8 21) In which round will City be knocked out of the F.A. Cup? 5th 9 22) Will Rene Gilmartin make an appearance for City in the League or Cup competitions? No 10 23) Will Jonny Smith score 10 (or more) League goals for Swindon? No 11 24) Will Dean Holden still be City's manager on the last day of the season? Yes x Gas: 1) Final League position? 13th x 2) Will Jonny Smith score against Rovers this season? No x 3) Will Matty Taylor score against Rovers this season? No x 4) Will Sammie Szmodics score against Rovers this season? Yes x 5) Will Ben Garner still be Rovers' manager on the last day of the season? No 12 Welsh Rivals, Cardiff & Swansea 1) Will any of Pack, Flint, Tomlin or Cunningham score for Cardiff against City? No 13 2) Who will finish higher, Cardiff or City? Cardiff 14 3) Will Korey Smith score for Swansea against City? No 15 4) Who will finish higher, Swansea or City? Swansea 16 Old Boys 1) Will Bobby Reid score 7 or more PL goals for Fulham? No 17 2) Will Josh Brownhill score 5 or more PL goals for Burnley? No 18 3) Will Matty Taylor score 20 or more League goals for Oxford? No 19 Championship 1) Which club will finish top of the Championship? Norwich 20 2) Which club will finish bottom of the Championship? Wycombe x 20 + 2 bonus = 22 @Nogbad the Bad
  12. @TomF with the dark mode there's a couple things that aren't in white so you can't see. One is when people are tagged in posts and the other is voting results from polls, you can't see the bars. Not massive problems for me personally but just to make you aware if you were still looking for feedback on it!
  13. Agreed, I think it's Southgate's way of trying to compensate for defensive issues, which is why I think England have often played the back 5 with 2 defensive minded central midfielders. I'd rather see us use the attacking talent we have and go for something similar to what you posted earlier in the thread.
  14. I'd probably go Walker and swap Sancho and Foden but I'd love to see that front 6, especially against the teams we'd be expecting to beat
  15. Yeah you have to take Trent with the quality he has. Can't see him starting unless we're playing a weaker opposition and he's a wing back with Walker inside of him though. I'd be surprised if Walker isn't the first choice in a back 4.
  16. Yeah agreed, James has been playing a back 3 as well which makes him a bit easier to justify. With Trent you have question marks defensively that with the other 3 you don't so much, but surely Southgate will have a big backlash on his hands if Trent isn't picked?!
  17. Right back is an interesting one. All four of Walker, Trippier, James and Alexander-Arnold have done enough to be in the squad really. I've put Kane in there as my first choice striker with Calvert-Lewin a back up and Rashford coming to play centrally as a 3rd option if necessary, but you could make an argument for Bamford, Ings, Watkins, Abraham, Greenwood quite easily. Early on in the voting but I'm a bit surprised James Ward-Prowse hasn't got more votes.
  18. I'd be interested in the findings too, I'm sure the responses will make for a good discussion.
  19. I don't want to brag but I was one of the best water boy's in the south west
  20. You're an apprentice! I bow down to you in awe of your greatness and superiority, sir.
  21. For anyone who would like to sign, following the suggestion of the ESL.. Gary Neville has written a short open letter: https://gary-neville.medium.com/an-open-letter-e5b4749fb50a and a petition has been created: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/584632 to introduce an independent football regulator.
  22. Thoroughly enjoyed that first half
  23. Family feel no longer at the club? No no no, let's be absolutely clear - a rigorous process was carried out to ensure any player transferred into the football club under Mark Ashton's watch had the correct DNA for Bristol City football club.
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