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  1. Not the most promising Twitter feed:
  2. Think we'll stick with what we have. Especially if we end up playing 4231 then the number of strikers needed is obviously low
  3. This feels like Pearson's first "proper" signing. King, James, Simpson are all on frees and people he's worked with before.
  4. What a great night of football that was. Two games finishing 3-3 in 90mins one after the other is nuts! Absolutely bricking it for 5pm. Any predictions? It's honestly 50/50 for me.
  5. Thought that Dave Rennie interview was very interesting. Seems like we have someone who is on top of things and has a thorough plan.
  6. As others have said depends who we get in, feels like we've been waiting ages already!
  7. You're right, and I agree with all your criticisms. But I can still be appreciative of him wiping off debt. Could be a hell of a lot worse. Don't have to look far.
  8. Christ I could not cope with being a Brentford fan. If they don't make it through this then I'm not sure what next season holds for them. I think that squad might get picked apart.
  9. I also heard he had 2ish legs. Sounds promising
  10. Don't think I appreciated him enough when he was here. Who in our current midfield would make it into any of the top 6 sides this season?
  11. Leicester winning the FA Cup this year was exactly what we needed after all that Super League bollocks
  12. Lots to do yes but every single appointment has to be seen as the opportunity for an upgrade. The rebuild will take a while to get people in, and then a while to bed-in and start to work well together. Hard work but what an opportunity we have, and we finally have an experienced manager to help us do it.
  13. Good bit of business for us, good bit of exposure and show off the stadium. Maybe let's point the camera at the Lansdown stand rather than the dolman though?
  14. Crazy that the last game with fans was against Fulham at Ashton Gate, in the championship, and since then they've spent a season in the premier League and come back down again!
  15. If this deal is being negotiated, who exactly is doing the negotiating on our side? Ashton still?
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