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  1. I hear Mike Ashley is looking for a new club? Or would you rather a middle Eastern state with no care for human rights? Careful what you wish for. If it's stick or twist I'd much rather stick.
  2. I heard he was threatened with legal action by Disney
  3. Wonder who's coming in, and if it'll be one incoming or two? Either way always felt these two were slightly underwhelming appointments along with Holden. England youth coach roles sadly don't mean a lot.
  4. I'm still behind Nige. Play that last ten minutes 100 times and we'd win in probably 85 of them, and draw in 14 of them. Just one of those things. I think Pearson is the best manager for us, for now, overseeing this overhaul of the squad and club. Preparing to get slaughtered for this opinion now.
  5. I guess it's Bents Kalas Atkinson Baker Tanner Dasilva James Weimann Scott Martin Wells Pearson has spoken a lot about how he doesn't like to classify his team's as strict formations though, so interested to see how this team operates. Weimann could be doing a lot of running in the centre of the field to help out Matty James? Very attacking though by looks of it.
  6. Must be very satisfying for him on a personal level, to play like that after going through those injuries. Can't wait to see a James, Williams, Massengo midfield.
  7. Great goal by Chris "why are we still starting Chris Martin up front" Martin
  8. Hmm "Szmodics"? Sounds familiar? Anyone know anything about him? Could do with a player like that /s
  9. Far more nervous for this game than some others, just because on paper it's so winnable for us. COYR
  10. Should ban both gambling and alcohol sponsors on shirts IMO. (However partial I am to having Thatcher's on the shirt!)
  11. Interesting reshuffle. Anyone know any more about Fleming's work at other clubs? Can see he has been at quite a few, but that could be interpreted as both good and bad.
  12. Oh my word Let's see if he takes this level of credit when it's all gone wrong later down the line; I think we all know the answer. Biggest narcissist going.
  13. Feels like it was a hundred years ago we were watching him tear it up down the wing for us Just looked it up on Wikipedia and we're still the club he has most appearances for (only by 1 more than Boro though)
  14. YGBjammy

    Joint 2nd

    And if QPR hadn't conceded a late goal then we'd be 2 points worse off? That's football!
  15. 100% a red. Reckless and dangerous, knew exactly what he was doing.
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