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  1. Depressingly, I highly doubt it. They will be protected in prison and released back into the public at the first available opportunity. Case in point being Colin Pitchfork, raped and murdered 2 children, freed at the age of 60 a few months back to live out his last 20 odd years amongst the general public once again. He was sent back to prison 2 weeks ago for breaching the terms of his licence, with some members of the general public becoming increasingly concerned about his behaviour. Who’d have ******* thought it eh. The members of the parole board that freed him should be locked up themselves, absolutely sickens me.
  2. Yeah it’s been the case for about 5 years now, in fairness to the gas they’ve stuck at it, just 800 odd against Cheltenham this season including away fans. Compare that to their 2nd round game against Wycombe the year before B teams came in and their attendance was 3.2k for that one.
  3. Considering almost all of the small clubs have boycotted the competition ever since the introduction of B teams and continue to do so, with many getting their lowest ever competitive attendances, you’re certainly not alone in thinking that. https://fanbanter.co.uk/clubs-see-lowest-ever-attendances-in-latest-round-of-efl-trophy-matches/ That link helps to show the attendances of the last few seasons, it wasn’t a well attended cup at the best of times but these days there’s just complete apathy across the board. I remember a few seasons back Luton fielded their youngsters against a premier league u21 side, won the game, and were then fined for fielding their youngsters. Work that one out..
  4. I seriously doubt it as the players have given up again. Maybe they’d pick up for a game or 3 just as they did when Johnson and Holden were both sacked, but it would only take a minor bit of misfortune for this pathetic group to completely down their tools yet again, which would be inevitable. Getting King and Williams back will be a help but that’s just wishful thinking. It staggers me that a significant group of our professionals are unwilling to put in 100% on the pitch or even try to look bothered. They are again completely content with sleepwalking into league one, after being fortunate enough for it not happening last season. That combined with the most fragile mental state in the league is a recipe for complete disaster and we are already well on that path. It’s not a good squad by any means but it’s not bottom 3 material, yet I am now completely convinced that’s where we are headed.
  5. Steve didn’t think that hiring Dean Holden would improve the club, as I don’t think anyone with half a brain could have genuinely believed that. 20,000 fans overwhelmingly told him otherwise but he knew best, obviously. His handling of this club these past few years has left it in a complete mess and if we don’t go down this season it will be next. Harry’s thread the other day summed it all up, complete and utter shambles.
  6. Would be a complete mess and far worse than having Simpson or anyone else there. If wanting to fit him in the side then Kalas could play there having done so throughout his career, with Baker in the centre.
  7. They could’ve being playing in fluorescent pink and the outcome would’ve been exactly the same.
  8. Remind me of the last time a pub in bedminster, or any pub for that matter, had 20k (sometimes 40k) through the doors over the course of a week? The club are ripping the fanbase off for crap pints, let’s not gloss over with some poor excuse about opening times. They also whack the price up every season, it used to be somewhat reasonable with a season ticket just a few seasons ago.
  9. Was the same when we last played there in 2017, sadly Sam Jacks closed though shortly after.
  10. That’s quite odd but why not ring the ticket office when they open? You can still purchase tickets that way.
  11. The whole point of that end for as long as it’s been there, and from the Atyeo and Eastend before it, has been that you should sit anywhere. Only now have the club decided to get funny about it. As someone who renewed a previously “unreserved” season ticket, and was given a random seat, or should I say “standing space”, there’s not a chance I won’t be standing with my mates tomorrow. It wasn’t broke so don’t fix it.
  12. It will be a physical ticket mate, you should be able to pick it up from the gate either today or tomorrow, but if you can’t I believe the arrangement is usually that the club will take the tickets to loftus road to be collected at the ground.
  13. Does it not say that tickets are going off sale on that date? They’ve been on general sale for weeks
  14. I’ve been complaining for years about the disgusting prices Lansdown sets - particularly for people to sit in the stand he named after himself. It explains why it’s always so painfully empty, despite being our shiniest, newest stand. £43, or £38 with a membership, to sit anywhere in our ground is disgraceful. Also bought a pint at the ground last night for the first time this season, £4.80 with a season ticket discount for a typically crap flat pint… never again.
  15. 312 according to the OS which sadly stopped recording our away followings when Adam baker left.
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