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  1. 10. Andy Cole 11. Greg Goodridge 12. Michael McIndoe
  2. Anyone following the cricket on BBC? 81.1 overs SL 242-9 A large crowd of people have gathered outside the 'Rangana Herath stand' which actually looks like a large gazebo, or at best tent. It's a bit like that stand behind the goal at Bristol Rovers.
  3. Could be that Flint and Bryan weren't actually that great at defending?
  4. http://blog.marathonbet.co.uk/if-tv-characters-were-a-championship-team-who-would-they-be/?fbclid=IwAR1d-6-whJAY5rjL4P_7cSyBnmp81gIwXEUm2TWgoD7_6I3eI83vPBcoZhk Think they are quite accurate with this one!
  5. Never a bad time to say you're a Bath fan . Let's hope the Blue ,Black and Whites come out on top. That being said, I hope Bristol stay up as the derbys are great.
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