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  1. Dasilva (Mariappa) Massengo vc (Palmer) Conway (C) (Semenyo) 40mins to go @CheddarReds, @Dogbert, @jrt55555
  2. Welcome! Just a reminder/heads up that the triple captain will double all three players, as opposed to tripling Conway's score. No change needed, just FYI as the kids say. Haha - unfortunately the only one you've got left is Overload, so will need a brand new teamsheet if you want to use it! Up to you though, the Overload has been a bit of a poisoned chalice at times... Will need to pick three of those four!
  3. Gameweek 45 Update (Millwall A) - Officially Hit The Wall Is it any wonder I avoided writing this up 'til now? Having said that, this - and let's not sugar-coat it - debacle of a match did actually provide a relatively worthy number of points. So let's get to it! 3RSFA: @kelbcfc 7 - 21 @bissellredhead From two finals to the wooden spoon match - kel's been on quite the cup journey this season. A shrewdly played Best Of chip helped bissell avoid the "worst of" match (it's not actually the "worst of" match, the wooden spoon is my favourite), as Cap'n Conway shows there's hope in the future. (Kalas - Massengo - Wells) v Best Of (Kalas - Massengo - Conway) 3RSFB: @jrt55555 3 - 7 @CheddarReds A pair of auto-picks seems fitting with most of our players seemingly on auto-pilot, and jrt was always up against it when neither captain option played. Cheddar, meanwhile, ended up as one of the few to earn a defensive point. auto-pick (Kalas - Nagy - Wells) v auto-pick (Mariappa - Palmer - Wells) 2RSFA: @wayne allisons tongues 21 - 21 @Rocking Red Cyril Hogging all the points in the double-reverse universe. A barnstormer of a game, Conway taking both armbands and certainly not sinking, which sent it to our only Substishootout™ of the round. Unfortunately for Cyril, two subs had already been used, so Wells was all on his own... Better than wayne's Semenyo, 2-1 up, hope springs eternal... but then out comes the Lansbury lance and skewers a 7-2 victory for the tongues. (Rowe - Massengo - Conway) v (Sessegnon - Palmer - Conway) [Rowe - Lansbury - Semenyo] [Sessegnon - Palmer - Wells] 2RSFB: @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap 6 - 19 @citywest30 Again, all about the Conway, with citywest joining wayne as the only two players to properly pick him as first-choice captain. Up against that sort of selection magic, LJFC's auto-pick didn't stand much of a chance. auto-pick (Kalas - Palmer - Wells) v (Kalas - Nagy - Conway) RSFA: @Redstart 5 - 14 @Newquay-Red No Conway here, but Newquay's Overload ensured some assistance from Lansbury, along with a captained bonus for Massengo. Redstart could've also had Henri off the bench to make a proper game of it, but Nagy's 14mins put paid to that... perhaps their attention was more focused on the outcome of Chessels' and my semi-final anyway, as any hopes of catching our leader rest on that... Overload (Lansbury - Palmer - Massengo) v (Rowe - Nagy - Wells) RSFB: @DownendRed97 3 - 6 @Oubliette23 No Conway here, but still decided in attack. While Oubliette had a point in defence, Downend's three in midfield was enough to take a narrow 3-2 lead with forwards to come. But no forwards did come, or at least, if they did, they didn't come to Downend. Auto-pick drawbacks and a no show from Janneh meant they were left toothless, and a captained Wells was enough for Oubliette to take the win. auto-pick (Hunt - Massengo - Janneh) v (Sessegnon - Nagy - Wells) SFA: @Chessels Chick 15 - 6 @RedYoshi Sorry, everybody. I tried, but this is why Chessels is up there. Sure, Conway wasn't captained, but this is how champions are made - with calm assurance, solid and steady, not the boom and bust of the rest of us. Doesn't matter who I picked in the end, I was just happy for the big day out. I did win in defence at least... Just utterly dominated everywhere else. Cap doffed. (Kalas - Massengo - Conway) v (Sessegnon - Nagy - Wells) SFB: @prankerd 5 - 8 @Dogbert A FINAL FOR DOGBERT! What a story, what a run, what a good boy. Prankerd's dreams of going one step better this time out have been stopped in their tracks, as Dog-"I never win a cup match"-bert earns their place in the final with the ol' marginal gains approach. 1-0 in defence, 3-1 midfield, 4-4 up top. No need to go big when we're already home. Commiserations prankerd, but long-awaited congratulations to Dogbert. Now finish it off! (Kalas - Nagy - Wells) v (Sessegnon - Massengo - Wells) So here's our final match line-up: 15th/16th: @kelbcfc v @jrt55555 13th/14th: @bissellredhead v @CheddarReds 11th/12th: @Rocking Red Cyril v @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap 9th/10th: @wayne allisons tongues v @citywest30 7th/8th: @Redstart v @DownendRed97 5th/6th: @Newquay-Red v @Oubliette23 3rd Place Playoff: @RedYoshi v @prankerd GRAND FINAL: @Chessels Chick v @Dogbert Brand new finalists, 15pts to the victor, and most likely a league title to one of them. Get your face paint on! Today may well be a procession... 42 is the lead, and finally we know the question. @Chessels Chick is also guaranteed 10pts from the cup final, so, er... the race for second place looks tight!! @citywest30 has got themselves into pole position to challenge @Oubliette23, who's determined to follow up last year's title with the runner-up spot. @Redstart is still hot on those heels, and @Dogbert's hopeful of a cup final inspired challenge. @Rocking Red Cyril & @wayne allisons tongues are both putting the pressure on that top 5 though, after their high-scoring draw, while the rest of us are just waiting to see who manages to finish in the top 10. And the quickest ever MotM is about to be decided for May: @bissellredhead 21pts @Rocking Red Cyril 21pts @wayne allisons tongues 21pts (4 really, but formatting) @citywest30 19pts (5) @Chessels Chick 15pts (6) @Newquay-Red 14pts Thanks for playing everybody, good luck today, and I'll see you on the other side! GW45 Dream Team: Mariappa/Sessegnon (1) - Lansbury (6) - Conway (9) Points Breakdown Conway 9 (g, 3bp) Lansbury 6 (a, 2bp) Massengo 3 (1bp) Palmer 2 Wells 2 Mariappa 1 (1bp - 4gc) Nagy 1 Scott 1 Semenyo 1 Sessegnon 1 Dasilva 0 (2gc) Hunt 0 (4gc) Kalas 0 (4gc) Rowe 0 (2gc) Baker -1 (4gc, yc)
  4. I really am losing all sense of time, I swear it was the bank holiday just yesterday. Apparently not! Apparently it’s actually the end of the world season. Thanks for the ride. Beware the early kick-off, thus early deadline... PEU v Brentford (deadline 11.30am Saturday) @kelbcfc - cannot select Kalas @Chessels Chick - cannot select Massengo @CheddarReds, @Dogbert, @jrt55555, @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap, @Oubliette23, @RedYoshi - cannot select Wells A clean slate for the last match before a fresh start for the following...you follow?: @bissellredhead, @citywest30, @DownendRed97, @Newquay-Red, @prankerd, @Redstart, @Rocking Red Cyril, @wayne allisons tongues
  5. Question is, is the best sibling even playing? ()
  6. Sessegnon (Kalas) Nagy vc (Bakinson) Wells (C) (Conway) 25mins for @CheddarReds, @DownendRed97, @jrt55555 & @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap. Roll up, roll up!
  7. Gameweek 44 Update (Luton H) - Turnaround Town As I say, missed the actual match, but sounds like I've seen it all before anyway. Heard the score at half-time, got in the car, drove home, shrugged my shoulders and said "of course they did". But Ashton Gate wasn't the only place there was quite the turnaround... In that spirit, we'll start by popping back to last week. GW43 Substishootout Separation (Reading v Swansea): @jrt55555 0 - 7 @DownendRed97 Turns out that turning up will suffice. None of Downend's picks did anything of note, despite a four-goal game, but they were notable purely by being noted. They advance to the quarters against prankerd, while jrt auto-picks into reverse. (forfeit) v (Roberts 1 - Hourihane 4 - Joao 2) Reverse time for us too... RQF1: @kelbcfc 6 - 26 @wayne allisons tongues How the cup tables have turned. Near unstoppable in the earlier incarnations, kel's bold choice of Janneh for captain doesn't pay off, as wayne sails, Wells-powered, into a double reverse semi-final. (Kalas - Bakinson - Janneh) v (Kalas - Bakinson - Wells) RQF2: @bissellredhead 6 - 7 @Rocking Red Cyril A bonus defensive point the difference here, as Cyril's auto-pick ends up the same as their late selection would've been anyway. (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Semenyo) v auto-pick (Kalas - Massengo - Semenyo) RQF3: @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap 16 - 15 @jrt55555 Another tight result, this time decided by the quirks of captaincy. Conceding three doesn't help jrt's backline choice, so LJFC's midfield maestro takes it. (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Wells) v auto-pick (Vyner - Bakinson - Wells) RQF4: @CheddarReds 16 - 24 @citywest30 Our last two cup champions cup against each other on the wrong side of the draw. Captaincy again, as both enjoyed the benefits of Wells, but only city handed him the armband. auto-pick (Vyner - Massengo - Wells) v Overload (Semenyo - Wells - Janneh) Here's your double&triple-reverse-semifinal draw: 2RSFA: @wayne allisons tongues v @Rocking Red Cyril 2RSFB: @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap v @citywest30 3RSFA: @kelbcfc v @bissellredhead 3RSFB: @jrt55555 v @CheddarReds Back into drive. QF1: @Chessels Chick 19 - 7 @Redstart Is this where the title was finally decided? Weeks of Redstart chipping away at that lead, but when it counts Chessels steps up to the Overloaded plate and takes an even firmer grip on the trophy. Three midfielders meant Wells wasn't available for our leader, but also brought Nagy's scoring exploits into the fold, and even had Redstart countered with Nahki it wouldn't have quite been enough. Time will tell how decisive this proves to be... Overload (Bakinson - Massengo - Nagy) v (Kalas - Bakinson - Semenyo) QF2: @Newquay-Red 6 - 26 @RedYoshi Been a while since I made a successful decision, so it's novel for my captaincy to pay off this well. Without either Nagy or Wells, Newquay was up against it, and a combination of Kalas' bonus and double Nahki sees me into my first semi-final, amid calls of corruption and match-fixing. Oh, is that the door? See ya! (Vyner - Bakinson - Semenyo) v (Kalas - Massengo - Wells) QF3: @prankerd 6 - 5 @DownendRed97 I think we have a new Cup Expert on our hands... Our lowest scoring quarter-final, but it takes prankerd to their third semi-final of four cups. Impressive consistency, even if it came thanks to an identical team bar their captains, and Semenyo's sub appearance did for Downend. Still, luck is all part of cup success, and prankerd sure is keeping it on side. (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Semenyo) v (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Semenyo) QF4: @Dogbert 38 - 25 @Oubliette23 Two for two for Dogbert, and it's like a phoenix from the ashes! From no cup wins, to a semi-final, right at the business end of the season - and with a near perfect team too. The only player to have both Nagy and Wells, successfully captaining the Hungarian highest scorer too, they ended just one point away from the dream team. That sort of performance was needed - Oubliette had the fourth highest score of the round, with a well played Best Of chip, which gives us the highest scoring cup tie of the season. Heartbreaking for last season's champion, especially as it marks the second time they've been knocked out with 25pts, but both these competitors can be proud of being a part of history. Could it be a turning point for Dogbert? (Vyner - Nagy - Wells) v Best Of (Vyner - Bakinson - Wells) Our semis therefore look like this: RSFA: @Redstart v @Newquay-Red RSFB: @DownendRed97 v @Oubliette23 And the big'uns: SFA: @Chessels Chick v @RedYoshi - the younger sibling is all that stands in the way of guaranteed cup bonus for Chessels... I can feel your support, folks. I'll do my best. SFB: @prankerd v @Dogbert - the semi-final stalwart against the renaissance man. Will it be a second final for prankerd, or a dream debut for Dogbert? Whatever happens, we're on for a maiden cup winner, and we all know how that can change your league fortunes... Phwoar! Turnaround town indeed. @Oubliette23 may have suffered in the cup, but takes advantage of @Redstart's stumble to sneak into second, while their vanquisher @Dogbert's impressive haul sends them all the way from 10th to 4th. Woof woof! Inevitably, that means plenty of shuffling elsewhere, with @citywest30 & @wayne allisons tongues making moves up the top 10 ladder, as @CheddarReds, @Rocking Red Cyril, @Newquay-Red, @prankerd & @DownendRed97 slip in the opposite direction to varying degrees. And what about Manager of the Month? Well, with that performance, it was only ever going one way... Congratulations @Dogbert, April's success story, with a whopping 105pts. Most dominant monthly victory too, a full 17pts ahead of @Oubliette23 in second: @Dogbert 105pts @Oubliette23 88pts @Chessels Chick 77pts @citywest30 76pts @wayne allisons tongues 74pts Two games to go, a quickfire manager of the month, a cup to be decided, and a league title to be won. Strap in! GW43 Dream Team: Kalas (2) - Nagy (13) - Wells (11) Points Breakdown Nagy 13 (g, a, 3bp) Wells 11 (g, a, 2bp) Bakinson 2 Conway 2 Kalas 2 (1bp - 2gc) Lansbury 2 Massengo 2 Baker 1 Hunt 1 Janneh 1 Rowe 1 (2gc) Semenyo 1 Sessegnon 1 (2gc) Scott 1 Vyner 1 (2gc)
  8. Woah, where'd that week go? Actually missed last week's match (probably not the worst thing in the world...) and the next thing I know, here we are. Whoops! Update will come, in the meantime... PEU v Millwall (deadline 2pm) @jrt55555 - cannot select Vyner @Chessels Chick, @Oubliette23 - cannot select Bakinson @CheddarReds, @RedYoshi - cannot select Massengo @kelbcfc - cannot select Janneh @bissellredhead, @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap - cannot select Semenyo @citywest30 - cannot select Wells (sorry, might wanna change the sub) @Rocking Red Cyril - cannot select Kalas or Massengo (sorry, might wanna switch out Kalas) @prankerd - cannot select Sessegnon or Bakinson @Redstart - cannot select Kalas, Bakinson or Semenyo @wayne allisons tongues - cannot select Kalas, Bakinson or Wells @DownendRed97 - cannot select Sessegnon, Bakinson or Semenyo Only @Dogbert and @Newquay-Red with free choice today. Clearly the rest of us are gluttons for punishment. That or insane, doing the same thing over and over...
  9. Yep, absolutely fine @citywest30! We are bit thin on the ground up top... Kalas vc (Sessegnon) Massengo (Bakinson) Wells (C) (Semenyo)
  10. Haha, well this didn’t work out... New plan: choose a three-man team for Reading v Swansea tomorrow, 12:00. Deadline the same as kick-off (and thus same as for your City selection). If we miss this one, then I’ll flip a coin or something. Proper football, that. @DownendRed97 @jrt55555
  11. PEU v Luton (deadline 12pm Sunday) @bissellredhead - cannot select Kalas @kelbcfc, @RedYoshi - cannot select Vyner @CheddarReds - cannot select Palmer @prankerd, @Rocking Red Cyril - cannot select Wells @Newquay-Red - cannot select Kalas or Massengo Freedom for @Chessels Chick, @citywest30, @Dogbert, @DownendRed97, @jrt55555, @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap, @Oubliette23, @Redstart, @wayne allisons tongues... and at this rate, you may as well pick yourselves.
  12. Substishootout™ Separation @jrt55555 & @DownendRed97, a special tiebreaker for ya: Our latest opponents play Cardiff later. You have right up until kick-off (3pm) to choose three players from the match (any mix of teams, and any positions). Winner takes all!
  13. Gameweek 43 Update (Wycombe A) - Back Bak or Feel the Flak Well, we all felt the flak at the end of that, but if you had Bak then your points were on track. No rambling cup reports this time, I'm tired, which is probably a relief to everyone... Match 1: @Chessels Chick 20 - 5 @kelbcfc League leader brings another early exit for the former cup expert. Trying to seal the title with their name on the cup... (Vyner - Bakinson - Diédhiou) v (Vyner - Massengo - Janneh) Match 2: @Redstart 22 - 14 @wayne allisons tongues A closer match for Chessels' closest competition, but the Triple Captain sees Redstart set up a crunch quarter-final. Triple Captain (Kalas - Bakinson - Semenyo) v (Kalas - Bakinson - Wells) Match 3: @bissellredhead 4 - 7 @Newquay-Red A last minute selection from Newquay nudges out bissell's auto-pick. A first first-round victory for Newquay! auto-pick (Kalas - Palmer - Semenyo) v (Kalas - Massengo - Wells) Match 4: @Rocking Red Cyril 7 - 8 @RedYoshi I get very lucky with a poor use of my Triple Captain... apologies Cyril, feel like I've robbed ya. (Kalas - Massengo - Wells) v Triple Captain (Vyner - Massengo - Semenyo) Match 5: @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap 5 - 14 @prankerd Easter's silver medal has given prankerd the taste for cup success, and it's another strong start for the Run-In... (Sessegnon - Massengo - Semenyo) v (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Wells) Match 6: @jrt55555 12 - 12 @DownendRed97 A draw! With very differing teams, too. And the Substishootout™ also ends in a tie! More info on solving this in a bit... auto-pick (Vyner - Nagy - Diédhiou) v (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Semenyo) [Kalas - Nagy - Wells] [Sessegnon - Massengo - Janneh] Match 7: @CheddarReds 6 - 20 @Dogbert Dogbert wins a first-round match! And what a way to do it, against the last cup champion and third in the league. Clearly I jinxed Cheddar. Ooops. Overload (Palmer - Massengo - Lansbury) v Best Of (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Diédhiou) Match 8: @Oubliette23 30 - 7 @citywest30 I think this is what they call "the perfect chip". A Dream Team, Triple Captained, and citywest stood no chance. Triple Captain (Sessegnon - Bakinson - Diédhiou) v (Kalas - Massengo - Wells) Quarter-finals: QF1: @Chessels Chick v @Redstart QF2: @Newquay-Red v @RedYoshi QF3: @prankerd v @jrt55555 / @DownendRed97 QF4: @Dogbert v @Oubliette23 Reverse RQF1: @kelbcfc v @wayne allisons tongues RQF2: @bissellredhead v @Rocking Red Cyril RQF3: @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap v @jrt55555 / @DownendRed97 RQF4: @CheddarReds v @citywest30 Behold, the table: @Chessels Chick bursting through the 600pt marker, as @Redstart narrowly narrows the gap once more. Time running out though... @Oubliette23 getting in on the top of the table act with a chip-inspired jump from 8th to 3rd, as @Dogbert's first cup triumph leads to a top-10 position, and @jrt55555 earns the half-millennium. And with just one game left in April, the Manager of the Month race looks like this: @Dogbert 67pts @Oubliette23 63pts @Redstart 62pts @Newquay-Red 60pts @Chessels Chick 58pts @prankerd 58pts The real football might be petering out, but in fantasy land it's starting to get properly interesting... GW43 Dream Team: any defender (1) - Bakinson (9) - Diédhiou (5) Points Breakdown Bakinson 9 (g, 2bp) Diédhiou 5 (3bp) Nagy 5 (a) Lansbury 2 Massengo 2 Wells 2 Janneh 1 Kalas 1 (2gc) Palmer 1 Rowe 1 (2gc) Semenyo 1 Sessegnon 1 (2gc) Vyner 1 (2gc)
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