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  1. 2 points from 9 actually.
  2. I think it could be a good season as far as giving our younger players a good run in the team. I'm expecting Morrell, Walsh, O'Leary, Moore and Massengo to feature a lot, probably Vyner too. Not sure about Semenyo - a year ago I thought he was going to be great but he's not really pushed on. The only way we'll know if they are good enough is by playing them regularly and sometimes you've just got to take a bit of a risk.
  3. Maybe (and I appreciate this is not what everyone wants to hear) the aim next season is not top 6. It's going to be a very difficult year financially for us and a lot of other clubs and I can't see many incomings other than to replace any we let go. So maybe the aim is to just get through the season relatively unscathed, give the younger players a good go (Morrell, Vyner, Moore, Walsh, O'Leary) and re-assess next season. Maybe the board think Holden is the best person to do that as he knows the younger players and probably trusts them a lot more than an incoming manager might. They k
  4. I agree with this. In a recent interview, I think before the Preston game whilst some thought he seemed a bit downhearted at the prospect of his time at City coming to an end, I actually thought the opposite in that he seemed to be talking about next season as if he expected (or knew) that he'd still be here.
  5. He was Dean Smith's assistant at Brentford before he left for Villa so it probably wasn't that much of a gamble.
  6. Everyone's raving about Brentford and rightly so, they are a fantastic team. But when they employed Dean Smith, wasn't he a coach from a lower division with no Championship experience ? And when he left didn't they just appoint from within i.e. Thomas Frank ? Just a thought.
  7. If I was a betting man this is where my money would be.
  8. I don't for one minute actually think Hughton will be the new Huddersfield manager.
  9. Imagine the meltdown on here if they've lined up Hughton and we get Danny Cowley.
  10. If he can sneak his suitcase into the back of the PNE bus then that'll save on removal costs too.
  11. I agree, I like Pato as a player. As you say he get's more than his fair share of goals. I also like the fact that he can play off either foot - makes a difference when you haven't got to shift it on to your favourite foot before you can make a forward pass.
  12. Could be. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another current Championship manager who might also be on our radar - Alex Neil at PNE.
  13. Such a great league. I'll definitely miss it when our new man takes us up next season.
  14. Agree, that was the best I've seen him play for us.
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