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  1. I think the reference was to the way Bakinson took his penalty.
  2. I'm all for a few mazy left wing dribbles from one of our centre backs - going to be fun watching him.
  3. Scott looks a real player - loads of ability on the ball and plays with a bit of a swagger.
  4. Should be a fairly even game then by the sounds of it.
  5. I think it's actually worse than that. I think we were 2-1 up, the penalty would have put us 3-1 up with an extra man.
  6. Can't see us scoring - we're just incapable of putting them under any real sustained pressure. They seem to be able to move the ball so easily up the pitch. I'd take a 0-0 now.
  7. After the last 3 performances it's clear to me that they are more than capable of taking us into the bottom 3.
  8. Yes, he did say that. Made me chuckle too. At least he's honest.
  9. Vyner had a very good 2nd half. Had to chuckle though when Tommy Rowe seemed to compare him to Frank Lampard.
  10. Played wide left from about the 35th minute. Put in a shift though and took his goal well. Hopefully there will be many more goals from wherever he plays.
  11. Bentley aside we've been very poor. Can't keep the ball when we do get and just keep inviting continuous pressure.
  12. 1st goal is crucial - if we concede first it's game over.
  13. At least we know he's capable of getting a team to the top of league 1. Could be useful in the not too distant future.
  14. Bizarrely though, only 5 teams have won more than us.
  15. Funny how some thought he was 'part of the problem' and was going to be 'Lee Johnson MKII' but he's turning out to be the complete opposite. You can tell the players want to play for him too and believe in what he is doing. I don't believe they did towards the end of Johnsons reign.
  16. People rightly saying that it is far too early to get excited which is correct. However, can you imagine the reaction from some had we lost the first 4 games - it doesn't bear thinking about. I'm pretty sure the 'far too early' argument would have gone out of the window.
  17. No way Bakinson will be going on loan after that performance - absolutely oozed quality.
  18. There are no codes for this - once you've paid your £10 then from 2.30pm you should have access once you've logged in to your account.
  19. Yes, I think it was a typo on the team sheet and it was in fact Zac Smith.
  20. I think that's from about 5 years ago. Still embarrassing though.
  21. I firmly believe that Joe Morrell is going to be a top player. and that this coming season we'll see him in a lot of games in our midfield.
  22. To be fair Cooper at Swansea has done a decent job in his first season.
  23. I think we'll see a fresh, young attacking team with way more entertaining football and less of the rubbish that Johnson used to spout. Whether we'll win many game remains to be seen but I'm willing to give him a fair chance before I write him off.
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