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  1. The amount of money being spent on players like Mags, Moore, Engvall who look so far from being ready especially in relation to the transfer fees really makes me question the scouting and decision making of those in charge and we aren't a club that can afford to make massive risks especially so many being 7 figure fees. £6m+ of massive risk 'players for the future' it's ridiculous when have struggled so much over the last year or so, 12 months on and none of those 3 look like they will be starting games. When the annual reports come out it will be very telling.
  2. Jesus that was a terrible game less than 4000 rovers somehow though 6000 will appear for the Chelsea dicking
  3. I love how they are celebrating the fact they are the only Bristol club to have done back to back promotions.... If we ever find ourselves in that position then God help us. Won't hide the fact the with their end of match pitch invasion while Accrington were still playing I was hoping Windas Jnr would get a goal
  4. Just seen a video Cringeworthy celebrations. some of the fans don't even have the human decenany to leave the pitch to welcome players and manager back on trying to get selfies and joining with the players celebration when they are trying to do the lap of honour. complete lack of respect. To be fair though most of them have no probably gone home to molest their pets and beat up their wives. either way, good for them but it's league one with a conference squad. Good Luck!
  5. Clarke didn't seem happy about the new owners. Complaining that no one had told him and if he's gets sacked he's gets sacked good way to inpress your new boss I guess
  6. I've noticed that they are doing a open top tour according to their website of NORTH Bristol. North Bristol...where in North Bristol is this tour going....From Kingwood to Lawrence Hill.....So East Bristol then! What a strange little club they are, they don't even know the area of the city they are touring around.
  7. Bowie

    Baldock Today

    The problems with all four that you mention is the same thing, all haven't good enough for a very long time. Baldock has never to date proven his value, or his worth or his reputation as to why we signed him Elliott - miles past his best but realistically won't be here beyond this season Fontaine - see above. One of the most unprofessional players I've seen at City in a long time, Will go down alongside the likes of Baird and Steve Jones based on their professionalism. Johnson - Was out of his depth in the championship and no english league club manager other than his dad every s
  8. Bowie

    Baldock Today

    No idea where 22 has come from, but prior to today Baldock has had 12 goals 36 shots on target. I'd be suprised if 22 was accurate
  9. Bowie

    Baldock Today

    And yet our defence is the best of the teams around us, our problem hasn't been losing games this season (we have lost less games than peterboro), more that we have drawn too many because we aren't turning them into wins. Strikers not taking chances. Defence has been improved in centre weeks with two new centre Halfs who will improve when they all know each other better, yet as today showed YET AGIN certain players aren't taking their chances.
  10. Bowie

    Baldock Today

    Jet 18 goals Baldock 14 goals So far. How is this so difficult
  11. Bowie

    Baldock Today

    . And yet Jet is on 18 goals.
  12. Bowie

    Baldock Today

    No need for personal abuse. You refered to Jets passing not me, you refered his inability to find a team mate, which is unfair considering he is top of both assists and goals this season. Striker are also based on assists. When you compare Jet v Baldock, Jet without doubt has had a great impact on the team this season. Baldock may or may not get 20 goals by the end of the season and he should given his reputation, however Jet will likely be on 20 goals by end of the month, whereas Baldock will be doing well still to be captain at the end of the month.
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