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  1. Jesus. You’ve literally just described Johnson’s reign here. Don’t know if he’s what we need, doesn’t feel like it would lift the club and push us on, rather continue trundling along and missing out on play offs.
  2. That’s some very quick movement.
  3. The important support detail worries me.
  4. Bryan having a great game. If he had a love for football and was able to turn in the same performances on a wet Tuesday in Luton as he puts out in the big games then he would be a premier league player easily.
  5. So 88 pages... where are we? Missing out on/ rejecting Hughton would feel like the same old bristol city I’ve been following my whole life. And I was convinced we’ve turned a corner. Quite simply, this appointment is the biggest and most important I can remember. I have spoken to plenty who say their season ticket depends on it. Some who have been going for 40 years. And after many years, my renewal probably does too. I never thought I’d say that but put simply, this is the best opportunity to go to the next level we have ever had as a club, this appointment is everything. Chris Hughton
  6. This is going to end in tears
  7. Fam is too modest to shout about it but if people only knew what he does for certain communities here in bristol he would be a very very popular man at Ashton gate. Believe me he is a thoroughly good person. Doesn’t deserve this bollocks
  8. It seems very positive but I do wonder how it can be ready and defy the usual process of creating a vaccine, understanding if it’s safe over years not months, whether or not it causes severe problems in groups of people long term. I’m certainly no anti vaxxer but shipping one out before the end of the year is just fuelling the tin foil hat wearers fire. It doesn’t seem healthy from a basic scientific point of view unless there has been some truly remarkable breakthroughs we haven’t been told about for a vaccine to be 100% safe and ready to go in the space of 8-10 months.
  9. https://completemusicupdate.com/article/melvin-benn-proposes-plan-to-get-live-music-back-to-full-capacity-by-november/ Melvin Benn of Festival Republic proposed this plan for live events to get back to full capacity in June. It is likely going to rolled out and pushed forward step by step. Small hall sporting events will be trialled from as early as next month with Matchroom supposedly leading the way, bringing in small crowds for sports such as snooker and darts. Second peaks, spikes etc have the ability to **** it all up, so it suppose whether or not you think we’ll see cit
  10. Jay DaSilva is the better player. Don’t think the extra year he has on Kelly warranted a 12 million pound gap between their transfer fees. Very highly rated though so you have to assume he will realise that potential down the line.
  11. Purely out of interest, what’s stopping you from just naming the manager?
  12. Has spent some time in the past at RB Leipzig through his friendship with the head of recruitment there and strikes me as someone who would be up for the challenge with his dad managing outside of England in the past. Of course I may be way off, just a funny feeling
  13. I’ve got a weird feeling he will end up being successful at a club outside of England in his next job. As long as he learns from his mistakes in this period of reflection there’s no reason why he can’t go on and be successful. The Johnson hating is far louder online than it is at Ashton gate. When Lee returns I expect him to get a decent, if not slightly mixed reception.
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