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  1. I see Uysk stopping this one in devastating fashion in the first 6 rounds.
  2. First two weeks? Thought we’d be home on the 6th, one home one away like last season no?
  3. I’d say we’re pretty confident of outgoings given our business so far. Loans may come in handy for moore and bakinson again if all else fails.
  4. I just get the feeling that the seeds of doubt regarding Southgate are there in the players minds post-Italy, and that perhaps egos are creeping in a little after two tournaments of harmony. Along with the added pressure of now being a squad of players who ‘really should be winning things’. Time will tell, have a few prognostic concerns about Qatar.
  5. We’re due a catastrophe at the next tournament, think it’s pretty plain to see that it’s coming.
  6. The human crayon strikes again
  7. I question whether a lot of fans underestimated the amount of returning fans, who were uncomfortable going last year in what still didn’t feel like a ‘post-covid’ society for a large part of the season. It may be the case that a couple of thousand have indeed decided not to renew, but a couple of thousand are returning. I certainly know a few older fans for whom this is the case.
  8. Congratulations Wales and Gareth Bale MBE
  9. Watching Solihull Moors vs Grimsby. What a horrible stadium to stage a play off final.
  10. To be honest I can’t really blame them if that is the case.
  11. Personally I think that’s the reason we were able to sign him. I class three years a long term contract, and I don’t think a club of higher prestige or a club with better bargaining power in the transfer window would ever offer that type of deal for a player like Naismith. In my opinion it’s part of the ‘creativity’ Pearson commented we needed to deploy in the market, and a 3 year deal for a player in their 30s is as much of an educated risk as the signing* of the unproven Mark Sykes. You never know when a player is about to decline, but it almost always kicks in around now (Naismith’s age). The signing is very good, maybe even excellent given our circumstances. But its still been agreed through compromises. He’s not here to do us a favour.
  12. Answer to mandatory question about the high performance centre was great. Success comes first.
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