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  1. The fight is pure fantasy. There’ll be nothing announced this week.
  2. Really pleased to see 19/20 holders getting renewal priority. Well thought out.
  3. To be fair, I don’t think Idles are particularly counterculture. A bit of shouting doesn’t stop their music from being commercial and sloganeering. But I don’t think they’ve ever claimed to be originators.
  4. Kevin De Bruyne, second leg at Ashton gate. Felt like the game was completely at his leisure. Tyson Fury in his dominating rematch with Chisora. World title fights aside probably his best performance. Seeing a man that big move that slick that close was odd. I left knowing he would go on to become heavyweight champion, it’s just a shame he did that but also went onto miss what would have been in all likelihood his prime. Special talent 3rd would probably be Jonathon Leko vs Derby.
  5. Don’t like idles but drummers a good bloke. Drinks tobacco factory pre match and see him out for runs round hotwells a lot. Cheers for this
  6. Bring in a Maenappa/Steele type as back up and give Max a shot at number one.
  7. Got 4 Blackthorn Gold tonight instead. Think they’re nicer now to be honest.
  8. Have they changed the recipe? Tastes like shit
  9. Think we’d be foolish to chuck Weimann. Barely been injured up to now and a great squad player. Look back over highlights and see how many goals he’s been directly involved in. Understands the game better than most
  10. Shit game but remembering Albert in his prime for us. Pure excitement
  11. Can’t just be me who went for this the other day! Would make up for not being there if it came in
  12. I’ve booked my trains to Wembley way
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/Adriano_Basso16/status/1364012814017458177
  14. Doesn't matter for most on here anyway, they won't be returning to Ashton Gate. Found better things to do on a Saturday...
  15. So if all goes to plan (unlikely) we will be back, in full capacity, to see the beginning of the Nigel Pearson promotion season. Pubs before hand would be absolutely buzzing. Seems like dreamland but what a special day it will be when it comes.
  16. The rumour that you've just made up?
  17. Howe has been known to guzzle Stella’s in the Red Lion on a Friday with the locals, he’s got family in the area
  18. I genuinely don’t know. We need someone to rip it up and start again l, but we know we won’t get that. The last managerial appointment was our big chance to take the club to the next level and we ****** it up, as a result this one feels oddly insignificant. We’re heading backwards
  19. Do robins TV usually end straight after the game on a Tuesday?
  20. Thanks for everything Steve. Wishing you a speedy return to the dugout. Winner.
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