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  1. Cardiff stewards were making people sit down towards the front behind the goal.
  2. Draw being taken out of the equation by those 2 morning wickets. Love how test cricket fluctuates. Still feels like advantage India to me.
  3. Don’t suppose you have this week’s Lotto numbers do you?
  4. There was a bit of fighting in the park on the way back to the station. Not sure how City fans got into the park as it had railings all along it. Police just about kept control but it was certainly volatile as a fair few Cardiff fans had hung around
  5. And same here. Got even better when I decided to check the England cricket score at half time! Fairly lively after the game too.
  6. Yes nothing running from Temple Meads I believe. Going to go from Parkway.
  7. My daughter’s arrived today
  8. Got mine well over a week ago. Still waiting for daughter’s
  9. Surrey getting Ashwin in for the final game. If Surrey roll us over and Hampshire and Glos draw it could all go pear shaped
  10. Somerset for me. It’s nice having a rivalry with Gloucestershire though. A proper rivalry without the unpleasantness of the football rivalry.
  11. Is it 25 per cent capacity for these games? Didn’t look close to 25 per cent full to me
  12. They’re probably just adopting a vigorous process
  13. Rarely use CATS but was on it for West Brom away a couple of seasons ago. Some regulars were spitting feathers that fans not as loyal as them had managed to get Fulham away tickets whilst they couldn’t. Thought best we didn’t mention we had Fulham tickets. Have followed City all over the country but obviously nowhere near as loyal as them. You could get a tea or coffee for 50p which was a nice touch and they had cans of soft drinks in for the regulars
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