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  1. I was there Saturday and would certainly say the atmosphere was ‘lively’ but there was no real threat of violence. I was surprised at the number of police there. Police and stewards summed to take quite a relaxed approach, as there were quite a few ‘missiles’ going back and forth - I think it was mainly food. The City fan with the flare was hardly discreet, so I can only think he wouldn’t have known what the likely punishment would be, not that I understand how fans smuggle them in, with nearly everyone being patted down on entry. The closest to any real trouble I saw was one of our fans trying to steam into the Hull fans on his own at full time, but luckily one of his mates seemed to manage to get to him before the police did and carry him out.
  2. Just got home. Was like a drowned rat earlier. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Still can’t quite believe what happened. It didn’t even seem like it was going to be even remotely close for mot of the chase
  3. Glad all is (relatively) ok. Saw couple of police cars when I drove past on way to P and R
  4. Hope whoever it is is Ok. Can’t see any delays on the live departures.
  5. Great to hear from you Mark. Nice to see you giving credit to McKenna too. No doubt you’ll remain fully supportive of him if things don’t quite go to plan next season
  6. Great work reaching 250 editions. I will make a special effort to remember to bring cash today. With the ground being cashless now I’m out of the habit of bringing cash.
  7. Too early to make rash decisions
  8. Yes you’ll also need at some point to send in some proof of their age, but I remember it being quite an efficient process when I did it for my daughter.
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