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  1. Bonus pedantry: Billy Elliott: Record whilst caretaker (1972/73 FA cup winning season before Bob Stokoe arrived) - winning percentage: 0% (0/4) Record record whilst permanent (1978/79): 53.8% (14/26) Overall record: 46.0% (14/30) League record: 48.1% (13/27) Lee Johnson: Overall: 51.3% (40/78) League: 49.2% (30/61)
  2. From memory fences were only removed following Hillsborough, so with all seater stadia, no safety reasons not to put them back up? But maybe misremembering. Would be good if players/management could stop incessant goading of opposing fans, doesn’t excuse some things we’ve seen recently, but also can hardly help (not aimed at Vieira btw).
  3. Maybe there should be a referendum in Derby to vote on how best to spend £23m, if they choose DCFC over hospitals etc, odd, but fair enough and the local MPs can explain their heroics. Not particularly keen on a) my team suffering because of the debts built up by DCFC and then b) having fewer nurses etc where I live to ensure ‘a’ gets swept under the carpet. Moral hazard writ large.
  4. Think that’s a pretty fair assessment (SPL a long way above pub league, but below the top 2 leagues in England). Not entirely convinced by MLS, but hey ho.
  5. Yes, although TM hasn’t torn up trees for Hearts and is getting sent back as not good enough is the vibe? Is the EPL a higher standard than the SPL, yes, but the SPL has a Europa League finalist with PPG that implies no more of a two horse race than the EPL, so also seems plausible that it’s not a ‘pub league’ as some of the lazier posters on here and elsewhere would imply.
  6. Man City PPG this season 2.47, Liverpool 2.38. Celtic 2.43, Rangers 2.32. Pub league that EPL.
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