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  1. Good idea. I just posted my support for him and told him to go for it!
  2. You think Hughton would agree to come here without funds to splash? Holden is much better placed to work with what we have. Purse strings are being tightened everywhere, not just at BCFC. Its just extremely frustrating/unfortunate for us fans that this has all happened when i think Lansdown was actually preparing for one big gamble/push for the prem
  3. Maybe use your money on something else that doesn't stress you out as much
  4. This reminds me of my 5 yr old daughter throwing a tantrum coz i wont buy her a toy she wants.
  5. Clearly Lansdown has decided with Covid now is not the time to go all in and splash the cash. Could seriously backfire. Im glad we have someone with business sense safeguarding the clubs future instead of the hotheads on here. Good luck Holden. I will be right behind you. P.S. Play Morrell please
  6. You seem to be the only one getting upset about it. He has in the past got most things right so people actually pay attention to what he has to say. I sense a bit of jealousy
  7. Cheers for trying. Its now doing my head in.
  8. Honest question ....has anyone, anywhere, ever laughed when they read a pun?
  9. You look good by being successful, not the other way around
  10. Here begins a 5 game winning streak. Heard it here first
  11. When does the pre match stuff start? At 2 i'd imagine right?
  12. Id rather they got on with it behind closed doors. Saturdays really drag on with no footy.
  13. This one is also causing problems in Spain and last i heard the govt are reviewing it. Sorry....doesnt help you at all but at least you know you arent the only one in this situation. I'd imagine it was simply overlooked and will be added to the "essential" list soon. Good luck fella!
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