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  1. Link please. Would love this to be true
  2. Cheers. Never knew that was a rule
  3. Why wasnt Robertson playing benzema onside then?
  4. Some people grow out of hating a team just because they are from the same city as you and wear different colours, others don't. Sorry if that leaves you feeling "pissed off" but i'd suggest there are far more important things in life to get irate about than football fans offering well-wishes
  5. People on here really do love a moan. Sky are talking about them more because they are a decent team and in the play offs. Were the positions reversed they'd be more interested in us
  6. Anyone else think NP looked rough in the interview? Needs a break
  7. Oh the shame. Seriously though are there any admin workers who have done it at championship level available right now? And would they want to come anyway? There's a good up and coming proof reader at Exeter City who's made a name for himself in the lower leagues and the rumours are that Arsenal have been scouting him.
  8. Love the way semenyo steams towards defenders when closing down
  9. Give the man jonb a break. Lots of overreacting on here. All he said was he found it suprising that a police officer would be so keen to imply guilt before anyone has even been charged. I think its a fair point. Christopher Jefferies springs to mind and that alleged Israeli gang rape case in Cyprus a while ago. People just need to let investigations run their course and not instantly spray stuff all over social media
  10. Id say more like a very unnatural movement from Semenyo. Like he kicks the back of the other players legs and then they both go down
  11. "Unblocking of goal constipation " Made i laaaaff Fingers crossed the subsequent cascade of pebbles will be scattered all over Cardiff's 18 yard box next Saturday. Get the spade ready Mr Groundsman
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