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  1. Says im logged out but clearly not. Happened just before the goal. Cant get back in. Any ideas?
  2. Word for word the question I had also
  3. Why's there no crowd noise at all on robins TV?
  4. Tricky one for NP. Break up the Martin/ Weimann partnership that is starting to show real promise or not start 4 goal Wells and miss an opportunity to maybe kick start his season. Great to have some good options and difficult choices on the table though Funny one Wells. Watched the goals this morning and he looked pissed off even after each of his goals. Cant help but think his body language does him no favours
  5. 11 Neil Killkennys would be like watching a game of rugby where nobody can pass forward
  6. Im assuming he quit back in March
  7. Getting boring now people blaming the "previous regime." There's enough talent in this squad to pick up wins. Plus Pearson has brought in what 4 of his own players now all of whom start tonight. Time to stop blaming LJ for everything and for some improvement in perfomances and returns
  8. Gregor's answer: Good lad !
  9. When's the main event?
  10. Ladbrokes currently offering 8/1 on Pearson answering Gregor's first question with "yo momma"
  11. Which pub are we meeting in to watch the interview? Think we all desperately need the football to start
  12. He clearly has a very inflated opinion of himself. Should show a bit more class and respect to someone simply doing their job, no matter how "silly" he perceives the question to be
  13. People seem so quick already to defend everything Pearson does, like he's the second coming. I always thought he was a passive aggressive schmriiick. He has lots to do to win me over
  14. Obviously I hope he succeeds here but i've always thought he treds the line between being a determined, tough no-nonsense leader and an arrogant cock. Reminds me of someone in my local pub who is constantly out to prove how hard they are
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