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  1. R.I.P Norman. So sad to hear the news today......truly, truly sad. Never had the privilege to see you play for City, but evidently you are a true legend, and much, much more importantly, a great Human being. Keep playing up in those clouds NH! Condolences to all his friends, family and fans of the clubs he blessed with his presence. Damn Virus.
  2. I paused online a few weeks back. It was very easy and quick! I have to say, after being rather critical of SKY over the years and really not liking them much, that this has restored my faith in the company......well just a bit! Haha. Great bit of PR from them, and well done SKY.
  3. Great post, although I'm not a socialist, sums up my thoughts too.
  4. A likely story! Shall I jog your memory NTTDS? Wasn't it "Bobby Gould coming on TalkSport"? Or something very similar. Certainly got the natives titillated!
  5. Wow. This is the funniest thing I have seen from Rovers for, quite laterally..........days! Hahahahaha. Get in bed with a bullshitter, then expect to get royally shat on!
  6. I can actually believe that.....The stuff's so revolting, I've given it a wide berth for years!
  7. I think, in response to a few earlier posts; the number shown as infected will increase sharply for the foreseeable. Two reasons for this: Firstly; More people are getting it, we all know infection rate hasn't peaked yet.......BUT.....the sooner people take isolation seriously, the SOONER infection rates WILL PLATEAU. Secondly; the Govt are ramping up testing, ALOT more people will be tested from here on in. Hopefully the retrospective tests that are soon to be rolled out will show more people have had the virus than currently estimated, though this is not probably too likely in reality - hoping I'm wrong on that. It's a very difficult situation to manage. We all want to keep deaths of of friends, colleagues, family and loved ones to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, but also we need a world we can all enjoy and live in after, without rationing and the incredible hardships that a great depression would bring. (Not just luxury items, make NO mistake, get it wrong and we could end up with food and clothes shortages to name but two) for many years to come. It's hard for me to fathom that my 9 and 11 yo kids could still be suffering from the fall out of this when they leave the education system in many years time. Really tough choices for our leaders, I for one, don't envy them one bit. History will judge us all on these coming months for sure. We all must do our bit.
  8. I was with Plusnet for broadband a few years back (10 years?) For a about 3 years. Found them great. Good product, good customer service etc I then had loads of issues with both the product and the customer service. Funny, it was not long after BT bought them out. Imagine the chances! Just paused my Sky Sports subscription too, cheers for the heads up guys! Googled it, followed the link and it took literally 2mins.
  9. Funny, I thought Massengo had his best game for ages. Really got stuck in, and never looked lightweight today! Agree he did seem to become less involved as the second half went on though.
  10. Well if that's true he was lucky to only be banned for 8 games!
  11. Odd. So you put up with Pulis Ball, SOD's uninspiring tenure, Mcwinless's festival of free flowing football, Benny being thrown into the lions den etc, and this season has turned you off? I support Bristol City, not the manager. The footie is not so good, but managers come and go, tactics and styles of play too. I've renewed my SC. Maybe more in hope than anything else that the style will improve I guess. What else would I have to moan about on a Saturday evening!
  12. He was very sucessful in Norway before he came to us. Viking Stavenger was it? If I recall, took an unfashionable lower league club into Europe?
  13. I often wonder with benny too PE. Way ahead of his time here, and just as things were turning, he was fired. The way he had us trying to play, is pretty much the way all decent teams play now. Think our players were quite limited mentally at the time, and needed a season to get their heads around his ideas! Hey ho
  14. I know what type of football I'd rather watch though. I'll take being 'just' 3 points better off too
  15. Interesting you thought it was an attacking 442. I didn't. We were very compact, and gave WBA the freedom of the flanks from what I saw and lacked any movement to make it work. Pulis used to play 442 when in charge of us. That was far from attacking too.
  16. I understand what your saying Tone, and I'm not convinced with all of the OP points. BUT, to see the same deficiencies, poor game management, and weak home performances is incredibly frustrating as a fan, week, in week, out. Yes WBA are a class side in this league, but so often we fail to register a shot, or even intent in games. It's not just that WBA are very good is it, its also that we are poor so often? Don't t get me wrong, I don't think things are as abysmal as many are alluding too, but for me, progress has stalled this season. It depends what we want as fans and as a club. All about league position, or about style and substance too? I want a mix of the two, style and substance and knocking on the door, great I'm happy. Shit football, knocking on the door, not so much so. Shit football and not competing, fading off the pace....I'm unhappy. No fan should be going to home matches at a top 10 placed championship club not expecting to win surely? That's the truth of where we are as a club though, and its as confusing as hell!
  17. I agree with your point. But I believe in the past, with bad runs, LJ was still building and was in massive credit. I don't think that's so much the case now, and, I for one, who was fully behind him, have lost faith in the last few months. We have a great squad now, he was backed in January, but the football, is, lets face it awful! If he gets us top 6 he'll still be supported. If we fade badly, the fooball continues to be very poor, and fans/players stop supporting him, he will be gone. Of that I have little doubt. As I said in my last post though, it will depend on the last 12 games and lets take stock then. IMHO he really has lost his way, more concerned with not losing than winning, and his whole ethos is suffering. Shame really, I was very optimistic a couple of seasons ago!
  18. I disagree. All managers reach a point of no return. If the crowd turns, season tickets sales are slow to be taken up, or if there is player unrest; he will not survive. I have always thought he should be given a fair crack of the whip, and I think he has been given that. I am now struggling to see him improving things month on month. We have, for sure stagnated this season. At seasons end, we will all have a better picture of how we have fared. Then, and only then should we take stock in my opinion.
  19. You really do bore the shit out of me Fordy. I'm in no way a Johnson lover (bored of the shite footie at home and strange tactics), but your like a cracked bloody record. Bore off pal. We all know Johnson WILL get to the end of the season, then we'll see what happens. I'll have a 20 quid bet with you that even if we win every game in style 5 nil (deffo NOT gonna happen) to the end of the season you will still be droning on the same thing. I think you just HAVE to be right. Do you lack self confidence or something? Deal with it.
  20. Gotta be honest here. I don't think it was either a foul or a dive. The guy shouldn't have got a yellow (and therefore the red) as it was a definite coming together. BUT...its a man's game, and you are entitle to use your body strength to out-muscle and put an opposing player off balance, and I think that's what's happened here. He was moving quickly and was knocked off balance for sure, but a professional footballer knows what's probably coming in that situation. Also, anyone who has ever played can see he 'made the most of it'. But to reiterate: For me, NO foul and NO Card, and therefore no issue if this was the case! Just a coming together IMHO.
  21. Yes Matt, he did a few different channels I believe. Having just quickly Googled Stampy, It says he has 9 million subscribers and over 7.2 BILLION views. Shows how popular the game was a few years ago. He's worth watching if your bored sometime Although I will warn you his laugh will make you want to smash the telly with your size 9's hehe
  22. You couldn't buy the game today and it would be there, no. You would have to buy the game, download the 'game save' of AG, or join an online 'Realm' of Matt's to see it. You build your own worlds in MC, you don't alter the original Game. As an aside, I know its a football forum, but it's a great 'game' for kids, really makes them think, gets the grey matter working - maybe even the odd middle age person might enjoy it too hehe.
  23. Yes but only if someone is playing in your realm or game save?
  24. Great work! Having two young children, and having to join them playing MC I can really appreciate the effort you must have went to. For those who don't know; yes, Minecraft is a game, but it has various gameplay modes. The two main ones are 'Creative' and 'Survival'. In survival mode you mine for resources and build, also having to kill various things that will try and kill you - if your out and about. In Creative mode, you have unlimited resources to build all sorts of things; like Ashton Gate! Sorry, I seem to know waaaay to much about this for a middle aged man! Haha My kids used to watch a youtuber named 'Stampy', amazing some of the things he did too. Well done again
  25. What!?! Are you saying I've got to carry a pack of tissues around with me now I'm a grown up? Maybe I'll just carry a reusable, snot filled hanky stuffed up my sleeve, like my Granny!!
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