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  1. LR i'm not having a dig at you, please don't take it that way, i'm from Plymouth and I used to go upto Bere Alston regularly as a kid and teenager as my best mate's family were from there and we used to go up and see his grandparents. I also used to travel from Plymouth to Aberdeen/Gt Yarmouth when i used to work in the offshore oil and gas industry 30yrs ago i know first hand the issues around Dawlish Have you been on the line from Plymouth to Gunnislake? That line is only suitable for DMU or similar, i'm no train buff but i think the biggest engine that ever went up that route was a Class 31. At a couple of places on the route the driver has to physically get out of the cab and retrieve a token to gain entry to that section of the line. The cost would be huge to construct something suitable to take the new Hitachi trains, something the money for HS2 should be spent on, not building HS2 I to hope it gets built but realistically i cant see it. Have look at this, the train upto Princetown back in the day, fantastic film, i'd recommend watching it all if you have 1/2hr to spare
  2. That'll never happen and the only reason Oke has been re-opened is HS2
  3. TBH i'm not that knowledgeable about solar PV and costings, i'll have chat with someone who will and i'll post back
  4. The company I install for also do solar PV. On the jobs where i've been doing GSHP/ASHP and the customer has had solar PV fitted it's usually been between £7-9k with battery storage.
  5. Yes and photos would be good before I reply
  6. The outcome I and a lot of other people is for this behaviour to stop, it is totally unacceptable and the clubs themselves need to set an example. BMF bottled it because he bankrolls the club. And the latest? A 17yr old female ref confronted at half time by 3 adult coaching staff. Big brave lads these. This behaviour has to stop. The End.
  7. BMF need to grow some, shocking he's going to get away with it
  8. Can you explain why the gent in the grey jumper, a committee member by all accounts, is touching the ref and saying 'get the **** in your room' and not trying to get the manager off the pitch? No matter what the refs have done there is absolutely no need for this and people wonder why there's a ref shortage? Behaviour like that is the reason i don't ref football, I umpire in the local cricket leagues and behaviour of players and team officials/supporters has started to go downhill over the past few years. We don't deliberatley go out to give bad decisions, we do our best under trying conditions at times.
  9. I think the BMF manager might be in a spot of bother this week
  10. Urban the dirty dog!!. And his wife was home baby sitting the grandkids https://www.tmz.com/2021/10/07/urban-meyer-shelley-wife-jacksonville-jaguars-bar-incident/
  11. He probably wasn't born when it happened, nice of him to acknowledge me though, and the best return of a missed FG? The 2013 Iron Bowl, Alabama v Auburn what a finish!! Best quote ever on football commentary 2:29 'because there's no athletes on the field for Alabama there's all fat guys'
  12. Back in the day, well 1986, i ran a missed FG back 109yds and the other team just stood there and watched because they didn't know the rules
  13. If they are leased then this may cause an issue if you decide to sell, or are thinking of buying a house with leased solar panels.
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