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  1. Can’t see past the fact that some people will find it hilarious to chuck pints around when we score - ruining the experience for most, especially kids and the elderly. If they allow this, there needs to be some sort of law that if you caught throwing pints around that you get a stadium ban for x number of years - if that doesn’t deter people then it will just be the idiots getting banned which will benefit everyone.
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if Eliasson moved abroad and did really well. He’s obviously improved his physicality since arriving here, definitely put on at least a stone of muscle. With the game being less physical in some parts of Europe, his technical ability will shine through if he’s utilized correctly. Would be a massive shame to lose him as I really enjoy watching him play, but for the right price, it may be best for all parties.
  3. Jonathan Leko looked like Messi in that game! Shame he was more Messy than Messi in his other appearances!
  4. I’d ask him not to bother reporting for training rest of the season. Meant to be a ‘professional’ and an ‘experienced head’ and does that. Thanks for your efforts Ash, but please don’t pull on a City shirt again.
  5. Benik Afobe and Kasey Palmer. Having not played together since August, will these two provide the element of surprise for opposition teams during this run in, whether it be off the bench or from the start? Teams these days do endless analysis of how the opposition plays, expected lineups, set pieces etc. With these two not featuring together for 10 months, hopefully this will leave opponents unprepared as we saw at the start of the season how effective they can be when playing together. Personally I would chuck them on for the last 25/30 mins, when legs are tired and see how much damage
  6. Wells - Afobe Palmer now that is an exciting prospect!
  7. Bobby got 2 in that game...only time I remember Fam scoring 2 was in the 3-3 vs Sunderland....he punched one in the net in at attempt to get his hat trick! edit: just remembered he also got 2 in the 5-5 vs Hull
  8. Lukas Jokeciewicz up front then?
  9. Any chance of there being a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ for him not to feature?
  10. I feel like @Davefevs hit the nail on the head saying it gave him a kick up the arse! Has the ability to be class at this level just needs consistency...hope he can keep it up!
  11. Love his enthusiasm for defending and his commitment to tackles. Proper defender...if only he wasn’t made of glass
  12. Maybe Johnson thought 3-5-2 was the way forward and didn’t think he’d fit in? Maybe he thought Palmer and O’Dowda would perform better than they have so thought he wasn’t needed? Either way he’s doing his best to prove that it was the wrong choice!
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