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  1. A few interesting comments from a pal who is a keen Oxford Utd fan; most of which cheered me up

    COD was too controlled by his dad (who is also his agent) and has been held back in stepping up to the heights he is capable of because of his overbearing father's know it all attitude. He should get his own agent!

    Mark Ashton was a poor appointment for them who hid from trouble, took centre stage when there was applause but was deemed thoroughly untrustworthy. Their fans were thrillled when he left and couldn't understand us falling for his bull.

    Atkinson is a baller and a great player in the making. Times this runs as well as Harry Maguire. Only criticism is that when he advances he tends to pass inside and miss the overlapping fullback. A very solid purchase for us, who will do well

    Lastly what a good manager you now have, you will start motoring from here on

    I bought him a cider and thanked him for his soothing sentiments and said I would spread the word...........so here you are

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  2. if the big money is in players who score goals and you are a selling club why don't you specialise in strikers?

    why breed full backs or wingers if the big cash is in the goal getters attic?

    even the gas have sold off a string of goal scorers over the years, while we seem content to spread our betting across all positions.

    I can see some logic to it but why not build a squad of strikers and maximise the cash generation

    how would you change things?



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  3. Key to Big Nige's success for next season will be our home form.

    We haven't had any form down the Gate for several seasons now and that has to change.

    So could we please start..........

    Setting the team up to attack, not repeat the away line up,

    Create a choir from capable singers plus a band to generate the Ashton Roar

    Slow down Drink up thee Zyder to become an anthem, a bit like Spurs do with their variation on 'when the Saints' 

    Fashion a players tunnel to 'welcome/intimidate' the opposition as they come onto the pitch.

    Foul the away teams best players good and early

    get right behind the team for the kick off etc etc

    Operation Fortress please

  4. Given the dreadful run that Big Nige presided over after the first few flukes of 'his' fixtures. I am looking forward to seeing a defence that doesn't keep letting in goals.

    That's my only ambition in the first 10 games or so.

    Maybe after then I might get excited about Sam Bell's runs, or Antoine Semenyo finding the back of the net more often. 

    After that I would love to see an existing player find a new field position and excel in a fresh role; for example COD at left back and JD playing in midfield, with Adam Nagy reborn in a very advanced playmaker role.

    Taylor Moore at centre forward anyone? 

    Oh and selling Palmer off to a Cardiff to balance the books, not selling Bentley to Southampton 

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  5. 22 hours ago, Hxj said:

    Just to fill in the gaps.

    In the Derby case both parties have the right to appeal any decision of the IDC to the LAP.  The LAP decision is final in all respects.

    The problems with the LAP determining the sanction in respect of the 'amortisation' decision are three fold:

    1. Firstly the LAP had no power to impose a penalty in respect of the 'misleading' decision as the actual decision was not before it.  Derby admitted this and the IDC confirmed that decision and it was not under appeal.  So you could have two different panels imposing different penalties in different ways.
    2. A sanction decision by the LAP cannot be appealed.
    3. The 'elephant in the room' being that if the decision of LAP means that Derby fail FFP loss rules then that is the real offence.  In that case that sanction, being a potentially very significant points deduction will become the real sanction and the other two charges will become aggravating factors in arriving at that sanction.

    1 &2 are really sensible reasons from a natural justice perspective and third simply reflects the reality of the position.

    All in all painful - but they will get there.

    This reads like the script from Line of Duty, over and out AC12.

    Lets back to comparing notes about wine

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  6. 50 minutes ago, havanatopia said:

    Far too broad a generalisation. The country that gives us some of the best beef cattle in the world also happens to grow some of the best Malbec. Both are like hand and glove and you will find few restaurants of Argentine origin suggesting a somewhat light weight cab sauv over a far more full bodied Malbec. 

    Of course it's all about personal preference as well.

    Prefer a Leoville-Barton myself, no relation to Joey

  7. Kevin Mabbutt at the time got an enormous amount of hype.

    Granted he was talented but in terms of buzz around him back then the PR machine was in overdrive

    Sponsored TR7, his own fan club, how many BCFC players can claim a hat trick at Man U?

    Good looking boy with girls falling over themselves for him, turns out to be gay

    How city is that?

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  8. Here's hoping he is, as there's plenty of young talent there needing a loan or two.

    Please make Dewsbury-Hall, currently at Luton, the first signing.

    A younger Barry Bannan with a sweet 'tinman' of a left foot and the best set piece delivery I have seen 'down the gate' this season

    we need left footers badly 

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  9. Short Term Deals

    The consistent lesson we have seen in the recent seasons is that short term imports play brilliantly

    until they make the move permanent and then never play as well again; witness Tomlin and Palmer.

    Hopefully the reverse will apply with our new manager who's form during his short term deal has been shockingly bad;

    and yet deep down we truly believe that now he is fully contracted he will transform our future fortunes. 

    What's in a name

    Nige's appointment also bucks the trend that looked likely a short while ago. Namely as a variation on Tombola sélection systems we were starting to hire people on the basis that their names meant something around the club, (Arsenal Wenger being a high profile example elsewhere) and at BCFC Ashton 'shut the gate after you' might have been closely followed by Mark Robins

    How did Geoff Merrick earn the name 'Sir'?

    What names make you giggle or feel special about a local story? will we ever see the rise of Terry Totterdown, or Billy Bedminster 

    Dicks and Johnsons had a meaning for a while!!

  10. He ran their midfield and assisted in everything good that Luton put together.

    Exactly the left footed, Tinnion style, player we need in our team.

    once again crosses and set pieces are our undoing.

    Only highlight was Taylor Moore's decscription of Nahki's Tackles in the shower

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  11. I am surprised by the outing of Fam in this thread as its Wells who I think is even worse, and sadly he is still in contract. To play with two strikers neither of whom can control the ball means the upfield pass is back on Kalas's head in no time. I was really looking forward to seeing Sam Bell make his debut, but to only last 15 minutes is cruel on him; and possibly even worse for big Nige as he was giving him a go, and he might just have found a solution in the youngster.

    The only thing I admire about Wells is that he has got a cathedral named after him

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  12. If you can trap a medicine ball then maybe we will ask you to stay for next season.

    If you can't then please leave.

    Try as I might I can see no excuses or reasons to explain Wells' lack of ability when attempting to control a ball.

    Palmer doesn't have the ability to take less than 3 touches, Fam wear's Toblerone boots. Hunt has a touch like a pin ball machine.

    The list goes on and on

    Please big Nige pick some forwards from the youngsters who can hold the ball up and help us maintain possession.

    Playing with your back to the goal is still very important and without Chris Martin's 'wardrobe' approach we have looked lost.

    Wilbrahamovic, Glynn Riley, Joe Jordan all could 'hold the ball up'. we need another one sharpish

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  13. I was very fortunate to be there, in a buoyant part of what otherwise was a sparse crowd. The assault on Bradford's fragile confidence was relentless from a buccaneering City, brim full of purpose and swagger. We 'mullered' them for 90 minutes and such was the focused manager's dogmatic leadership that JET only got on the pitch after the final whistle.


    Many of us wanted JET to get five minutes to say farewell, but there was no room for sentiment with Steve Cotterill.


    Had we been brave and paid out for Maguire and Gayle or Gray the following season may be SC would still be with us and promotion would have been achieved. As it was the high of that night remains the most wonderful singular achievement, and I for one will always be grateful for that dose of euphoria.


    We were magical 

  14. Apart from Nigel Pearson staying on for years to come, all I want for Christmas is more of our players to have a first touch. 

    We've been fed a diet of 'couldn't trap a medicine ball' for so long now that 'playing in Toblerone boots' is what we expect to see.

    Antoine intrigues me, as he has a first touch and tremendous strength on the ball, but his second touch/strike at goal often goes awry, when off his left foot.

    Nakhi frustrates me as his first touch often fails and diminishes his ability to get a shot away when unable to control the ball in the first place

    Much as I love Fam we have to move on, we will miss him defending corners but his inability to control the ball means we will always lose possession  in the final third

    The list goes on of players who give possession away all too easily.

    So big Nige if you are staying good luck with the clear out, because coaching a first touch is way too hard, you will have to recruit and promote 

  15. Rumours are that he is line for a call up by Gareth Southgate. 

    I always rated him and was very upset that the Cheltenham water works display signalled/coincided with his departure.

    But hats off to Bielsa for making him a better player, and finding a captain inside him too.

    As a selling club though we have to question the judgement around his value. Arguably he has performed even better than any of our exodus of multi million pound players to the premiership.

    Who performs better than him now out of Webster, Bobby and Joe?

    Still at least we have that wondrous season with him in our double winning team to remember 

    Hope the rumours are true


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  16. Pat Lam is a high calibre leader of men with a CV packed with hard evidence of success.

    he was not a hit and hope appointment. hey presto and the bears are top of the table

    why does our owner not want the same for the club he invested in first, before dreaming up Bristol sport.

    what reason would make him want to appoint novices with no proven pedigree.

    the only time we have played truly exciting football has been during Joe Jordan's reign and under Cott's;

    two strong minded leaders 

    LJ hit the jackpot with Bobby Reids positional switch and got a great tune out of us for a while. but he had to sell our best to fund the stadium build. 

    the action, the money and the legacy for SL are all in the premiership. he isn't getting any younger so now is the time to employ the best he can find, with out without 5 pillars



  17. as sure as night follows day Hughton's organisational skills will prove that a proper manager makes a real difference

    after all that money on the hardware why install dodgy unproven software.

    why did we buy Lansbury as what we needed in the window was a half decent left footed player

    rank amateur management of our club


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  18. Who on earth wants to watch Wells unable to trap a ball or hold the line, surely Bell cant be any worse? 

    This current team has no pace, we need speed

    And play the youngsters and we will find the next Rob Newman

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