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  1. I guess if you’re double jabbed you can feel a lot safer about covid. They should maybe worry about all the other disease he’s bringing to the club and keep away a bit
  2. Massengo a real positive, Wells was disappointing, need a better option, similarly Semenyo, not gonna attract buyers based on tonight...but the team played well, especially Scott and Pring
  3. To be honest, when points west or htv news do show any sport coverage they do it so badly I’d rather they didn’t bother
  4. Sad, one of the better posters on here, already missed
  5. https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2021/aug/07/german-modern-pentathlon-kim-raisner-coach-thrown-out-of-tokyo-olympics-for-punching-horse-annika-schleu Doubt she’ll get to Mansfield in time for kick-off though
  6. I got notified by text Hi Paulton, 2021/22 Memberships are now available for just £25. Visit bcfc.co.uk/membership. To opt out text STOP76484 to 60033 If I follow the link there’s no small print or mention of booking fee. The first page just shows the price as £25 and then on the checkout they add the £1 postage. It’s just a bit shit. People moan that we are treated like customers not supporters, sometimes they don’t even treat us with the respect and honesty that customers should get
  7. Hehe, it’s not about the money, far from it, it’s the principle that said, donations to the charity of your choice are welcome
  8. Time for some love and pride (and some silly looking doc martens)
  9. Yes, thanks for the replies...I’m gonna renew (we have several memberships) but not today. I’m assuming people from the club read the forum so seemed a way of getting my point to them rather than ranting at the people on the phone who don’t create these daft policies) marketing, tax, whatever the reason it shouldn’t be at the loss of transparency
  10. Probably not the first post about this but today I got a text asking me to renew my membership for £25. I click the link which says it’s £26 because there’s a compulsory £1 booking fee, and then I get a £1 postage fee. why the **** don’t they just say it’s £27? I now feel like I’m being conned, it’s not like they need to keep the headline cost low to be competitive, I’m not gonna get a gas membership because it’s £2 cheaper. just pisses me off, I’ve not renewed, probably will, but might not Just tell the truth...renew your membership for £27 (Having a bad day and this just wound me up more...rant over, thanks for listening)
  11. Highlights the shift in power from players/agents to clubs
  12. For me, taking the knee at the start of a football match is devisive and inflammatory. Some are booing (for whatever reason) some aren’t. It can only be a matter of time before one persons reaction to the act results in a violent reaction from a fellow fan. will we soon have to extend fan segregation to prevent the potential for violence? politics and sport shouldn’t mix IMO. I also think many players are pressured into taking the knee, scared of the reaction if they question doing it. But how anyone stops the gesture without being vilified escaped me
  13. Not read the post article (the ads make it impossible on my phone) I don’t think we are skint, football at this level is having a reset, wages will come down and squads will get smaller...pretty much everyone out of contract will be released by all clubs and then the better players from the big pool of unemployed will be picked up for free and on lower wages...not a bad thing imo also, we are lucky to now have an experienced, intelligent, highly regarded and well connected manager...i suspect we will attract a calibre of players this summer we wouldn’t have had a chance with last summer and we will get players with the right mix of ability and attitude finally, I do not believe NP has been sat around waiting to see who’ll be available...in the same way that we on here have had a fair idea of who’d be off Nige would have more info, he’ll have been in talks I’m sure, we may even have a few free agents already signed up
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