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  1. In a mess? Some absolute belters on here. In a mess is being minutes away from going out of business in 1982. Some posters on here, christ alive. Get a sense of perspective. 2 games in
  2. For a minute, I thought this was going to be an alternative rendition of 'in the northern slums'......imagine my disappointment.
  3. Prince Henry? Louis Evans playing and a sub?
  4. And you certainly didn't have the word 'British' in your original question....
  5. Fair play England, some game management to see out the last 10 mins....
  6. England haven't come out 2nd half...poor so far.
  7. How many more fouls is this ref going to let go?
  8. Disgraceful behaviour from a professional footballer. Perhaps he's realised he hasn't signed for Bradford Park Avenue....
  9. Anyone else think this kit looks a bit odd....? Or is it just me?!
  10. Dutch keeper keeping them in this, France should be out of sight....
  11. Did he deliberately pass that in? Not a conventional OG.....
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