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  1. Hopefully drowning in their own bile....
  2. Swindoin? Blue Nemesis? Is that their latest favourite vaping flavour? Or the colour of their aforementioned Ford Escort, prior to crashing into a lamppost or 3..? Or Irene's favourite pulling perfume?
  3. Good work in midfield there by Adam.
  4. I know he's just scored and been subbed, probably planned, but Nahki never looks happy....?
  5. What the holy mother of **** is that?!??!?! Is there no low they won't stoop to, to embarrass themselves? Belters.
  6. The Denis Smith derby?
  7. Psycho, 'We've got a Polish International'....Smudger
  8. That's properly made me laugh out loud, top man!
  9. Can someone change the hashtag to #MyRoversAreShit...?
  10. Should really still be the badge IMO...
  11. But it's OK, the Met Police have said that they did an excellent job for this game and without their involvement, the game would've been abandoned..... .....that's Cressida Dick's job safe then!
  12. I wouldn't go holding your breath for that one Dave - she's untouchable! If Priti Patel had anything about her, she'd have made it clear from last night that she expected a resignation this morning or face being sacked.
  13. I'd agree about Kane and Sterling, for as good as Sterling was in the previous games, he seemed to save his worst performance for the Final. Never seemed able to trouble the Italian duo of Bonucci and Chiellini, in fairness the midfield never had the ball for long enough to give him any service. And not sure if I heard Gary Lineker right on the BBC coverage after the game last night, but Kane didn't have a single touch in the Italian penalty area during the match - is that right? If so, that's absolutely scandalous.
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