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  1. Evidence, if evidence indeed were needed, that they need a 20k all seater stadium....
  2. Did our best to give that away, going 4 down, but well done England, great start!
  3. Only as good as the service they got, Taylor and Turner - so I put forward Mark Gavin and Dave 'Smudger' Smith...
  4. Twerton should be much higher than 76.........if comparing to an absolute shithole. Dump of a ground.
  5. Just type 'west ham youth hooligans' into google images......take yer pick!
  6. I think you might be right......like you say tho, just another cup defeat. Funny as.
  7. And they've lost, 2-1. Lord only knows what the pampered squad of Chelsea U21's made of the Swamp compared to the palatial surroundings of Stamford Bridge, which let's not forget was in its own run down dilapidated state not such a long time ago.....still, I'm sure that nice man Mr Wael has managed to get a watch upgrade this evening if nothing else. Saves us hearing about how many they would've taken to the Bridge.....
  8. Do they also headbutt windows from the inside of minibuses and coaches? One loud bang from a firework would make that lot shit themselves.
  9. Some hearsay about lining up Antonio Conte for the job too.....
  10. Hopefully POD as closest away ground for me....
  11. Hungary missed a trick there by not giving the pen to Schafer instead of Sallai......
  12. Looks like a cut price Jack Grealish.....
  13. Just a game of defence vs attack.....
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