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  1. Right now it seems like the Club have completely lost their way since LJ sacking and are scrabbling around in the dark.
  2. It's probably Chris Houghton, repairing the guttering...
  3. 120 pages and counting, no managerial appointment in sight, if CH doesn't get offered and/or accepts, or goes elsewhere first, then this thread guaranteed classic comedy status.
  4. I'd prefer Marstons Brewery!
  5. O'Dowda has done precisely nothing this season, Watkins must wonder what the pitch at AG looks and feels like. Eliasson better than both of them. Move them both on and keep NE.
  6. Would like to see Niclas part of the starting 11 next season.....some genuine wing play required to inject some pace and excitement.
  7. The absolute meltdown on here if he doesn't take over, or he does and we're 15th after 12 games with say 10pts.....
  8. Presumably his yellow transfer deadline day tie will be retired to a museum? Along with Jude Bellingham's no22 shirt......
  9. So big they don't even need an 'R'....
  10. The bloke from 'Allo Allo?
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